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Pasture grass seed for animals

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In this part of the Semenata org we will present quality Pasture grass seed for animals. These are specialized seed materials that are used to build pastures and areas for mowing (hay), various types of areas for forage production, etc.
In this part of the store, you will also find quality alfalfa seeds from various popular producers in Bulgaria, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, Poland, China, etc.

Semenata org catalog will add here quality Pasture seeds of grass mixtures, which are suitable for grassing large areas of pasture, located on flat and high mountain terrains.

You will find grass Pasture mixes for different types of domestic animals - cows, goats, different breeds of sheep, donkeys, horses, buffaloes, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and more.

In this part of the catalog, we will also add grass mixes that are suitable for building pastures for game animals - rabbits, partridges, pheasants, roe deer and deer, wild boars, llamas, ostriches, wild mountain goats, emus, partridges, peacocks and many more, etc.

Here we will present pasture grass seeds for animals, which are composed of different types of plants with high resistance to drought and poor stony soils. You'll find grass species suitable for high-elevation pastures and ones you can grow in hotter, drier terrain.

We will endeavor for each type of grass pasture mixture to provide sufficient adequate information on proper cultivation and methods for extracting the maximum yield from an acre of agricultural land, information on the appropriate periods for sowing the respective type of grass, as well as recommendations for fertilizing with suitable specialized grass fertilizers areas.

Semenata org garden catalog will present grass mixtures that are suitable for building a perennial pasture, for grazing and haying, as well as different types of grass mixtures for mowing.

Quality seeds of Bulgarian and Italian alfalfa will be represented in this part of the garden center. Since alfalfa is among the fodder crops, which is of primary economic importance for animal husbandry in the country, we at Semenata shop will try to present some of the leading varieties of high-quality seed material of this type of plant.

The mixtures for animals that you will find here are available only in original packaging from the manufacturer or an official representative of the brand for the country and are of guaranteed origin.

Pasture grass seed for animals can be delivered in Sofia, Dimitrovgrad, Yambol, Kozloduy, Pazardjik, Haskovo, Bansko, Razlog, Smolyan, Pamporovo, Varna, Dobrich, Burgas, Merichleri, Topolovgrad, Kardjali, Svilengrad, Plovdiv, Pernik, Rila, Sandanski , Botevgrad, Blagoevgrad, Simitli, Ruse, Shumen and many others. small and large towns and villages in Bulgaria.