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High quality alfalfa seed Prista 3 from Bulgaria

High quality alfalfa seed Prista 3 from Bulgaria
High quality alfalfa seed Prista 3 from Bulgaria
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Online catalog for alfalfa seeds Semenata org is pleased to present to its customers an exceptional Bulgarian variety - alfalfa seed Prista 3.

The variety is well-known among the major Bulgarian alfalfa producers due to its high quality. The seed of Prista 3 produces a plant that forms an almost upright stem up to 90 cm high. Alfalfa forms about 6 - 9 internodes and leaves well.

The inflorescence of Pristata 3 is medium compact, slightly oblong, and forms dark blue to light purple petals.

This variety is highly valued for its resistance to root rot. This is a particularly good feature when cultivating farmland around rivers or other types of bodies of water where the groundwater is usually shallow. In these situations, the alfalfa root is exposed to more moisture and the risk of developing root rot is quite high.

Prista 3 is an alfalfa that grows extremely fast after being cut. This is an advantage that is highly valued by all growers who pursue high yields and repeated mowing. With good agriculture and favorable weather, about 5 - 6 mowings can be done per year.

According to the manufacturer, when growing Prista 3 alfalfa seed, your yield will contain about 20.53 - 21.96% crude protein. For this reason, the variety is used for different types of livestock. It is suitable for rabbits, goats, sheep, horses, cows, buffaloes, ducks, deer, roe deer, chickens, etc. types of domestic animals.

Semenata org recommends Prista 3 alfalfa seed to its customers, offering price discounts for larger quantities.

Sowing rate:

You need about 2.5 to 4 kg of Prista 3 alfalfa seed to sow 1 decare of agricultural land.

1 kg of seeds sows about 250 - 400 square meters of area.
A 25 kg sack is sufficient for sowing an area of ​​about 6.25 DKA to 10 DKA.

Attention! All seeds are within their expiry date and a declaration of conformity can be issued for them.

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