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Professional spring and summer fertilizer for lawn - All round 24-5-8+2MgO

Professional spring and summer fertilizer for lawn - All round 24-5-8+2MgO
Professional spring and summer fertilizer for lawn - All round 24-5-8+2MgO

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Specialized fertilizers for grass and newly planted areas, suitable for spring and summer use, can be ordered from home and garden catalog for you. The spring fertilizers - All round 24-5-8+2MgO are Dutch and are also used for summer feeding of the grass.

The unique long-acting fertilizer All round 24-5-8+2MgO allows you to nourish your grassy areas for 4 to 5 months with single fertilization. In addition to saving labor and time, you will also reduce the funds needed for monthly maintenance.

This fertilizer is highly sought after by landscaping companies because it is well balanced, and has a higher nitrogen content, making it a great spring fertilizer.

The professional spring fertilizer for lawns All round 24-5-8+2MgO acts with a controlled release of nutrients over a longer period of time and thus ensures the uniform nutrition of grasses during their development.

In this way, well-nourished grasses become dense and uniform grass covers with a permanent and attractive green color. Grass species that are well nourished with spring fertilizer, which also works during the first few months of summer, become more vigorous and more resistant to disease. Grasses grow more resistant to climate changes when they are well maintained and fed with All round 24-5-8+2MgO.

Lawns fertilized with Professional Spring Lawn Fertilizer grow extra thick, richly colored, healthy, and more resistant to abnormally low and high temperatures.

All round 24-5-8+2MgO acts quickly and efficiently, and its effect is visible only 14 days after the initial feeding. The grass is also nourished for the next 4-5 months without having to repeat the procedure.

The controlled release of the main nutritional ingredients of All round 24-5-8+2MgO spring lawn fertilizers allows grasses to be evenly and efficiently nourished during their spring and summer phases of development.

The use of these fertilizers does not cause sharp peaks and troughs, which can be caused by the lack of nutrients, in the development of the sprouts and subsequently of the grass.

With just one fertilization, you ensure the normal growth and development of the grassed areas for a period of almost half a year. Fertilization with this spring-summer fertilizer is done once a year if it is followed by the Stress Сontrol 16-5-22 fertilizer. With this fertilization program, all that remains is to fertilize with a suitable long-acting winter fertilizer and continue with fertilization activities until the following calendar year.

The action of this very efficient fertilizer allows you to save time, labor, and financial costs from the otherwise regular fertilization every month, which has to be done with most instant-acting fertilizers.

A big plus of special spring lawn fertilizers is the fact that, in addition to helping to thicken lawns, they also strengthen their root system and foliage. Professional long-acting fertilizers contribute a lot to their perfect appearance throughout the duration of their action, providing good watering conditions and regular mowing.

So, in addition to being sustainable and healthy, your lawns will also have a better appearance and look more saturated green. Turn into well-kept, fresh, and green every corner that you have landscaped and nourished regularly with appropriate seasonal fertilizers.

The specialists from the team of our online store always draw the attention of their customers to the fact that an important factor in the effectiveness of All round 24-5-8+2MgO grass fertilizers is the fact that they are combined fertilizers. In addition to more nitrogen, they also contain magnesium. This element, together with other nutrients, supports photosynthesis.

The nutrients contained in these professional spring lawn fertilizers help grass areas to maintain their healthy and uniform deep green color throughout the active season, enhancing and enhancing their aesthetic impact on onlookers.

package: 15 kg
Duration of action: From 4 to 5 months.
Application and dosage: For 1 square meter - 45 grams. A cut of 15 kg can be enough to fertilize 330 square meters of lawn.
Content: Nitrogen /24%/, Phosphorus /5%/, Potassium /8%/, Magnesium /2%/.

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