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Anti-weed fertilizer for lawn and weedy grass areas

Anti-weed fertilizer for lawn and weedy grass areas
Anti-weed fertilizer for lawn and weedy grass areas
  • Model: FFB0036

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This special lawn fertilizer designed for the treatment of areas with ryegrass and other cereal grasses is specialized in the control of broadleaf weeds in the garden. It is active against clover and dichondra, so do not use it in lawns that contain them.

This special and high-quality development contains ingredients that reduce the development of broad-leaved weeds of all kinds in plantations. Thanks to its fertilization, areas with ryegrass and wheatgrass are reliably protected from plants such as white clover, red clover, plantain, cruciferous grass, dandelion, and all other broad-leaved weeds.

A big plus when fertilizing with this anti-weed lawn fertilizer is that with just one application, you also get action against weeds and weeds for a period of about a month.

With this specialized broadleaf weed control fertilizer, grasses can be treated throughout the active season, starting in March and ending in September. The rate of consumption of this anti-weed feeding product is 50 grams per square meter, which also makes it economically viable.

The secret of Biopon's lawn fertilizer lies in the ideal combination of potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, and high iron content. These trace elements contribute to the quality nutrition of grasses, as well as to the construction of stronger roots in-depth and a dense and uniform grass carpet with a bright green color. In addition, areas treated with this fertilizer are more adaptable, and disease resistance is improved.

It is good to know that before fertilizing with this quality anti-weed fertilizer, grassy areas need to be mowed. After you have finished fertilizing, the areas are watered well so that the strong action of this fertilizer starts immediately.

Specialists from our online garden catalog advise being careful with nearby vegetation around the grass. Keep a distance of about a meter or two from hedges, roses, ornamental shrubs, etc. plants that may be vulnerable to the weed action of this fertilizer. You can treat grass fields with cereal grass varieties where you want to suppress broadleaf weeds. Fertilization is possible from early spring to late autumn.

This type of fertilizer is very useful for protecting your single component lawns with ryegrass or other cereal grass mixtures, especially if they are established near wild fields or unmaintained areas where broadleaf weed seeds can be carried.

This fertilizer can be used by both professionals and amateur gardeners. It is easy to use and gives fast and good results. It is used in the maintenance of various lawns - from yards and gardens, through park complexes and decorative green areas to hotels and resort complexes.

Package: 1 kg
Duration of action: about a month.
Application and dosage: For 1 square meter - 20 grams. The 1 kg package is sufficient for fertilizing an area of ​​50 square meters.
Content: Nitrogen /7% [5.5% ammonia nitrogen, 1.5% nitrate nitrogen]/, Phosphorus pentoxide /5%, soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and in water [2.5% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)]/ , Potassium oxide /8%/, Magnesium oxide /4.5%/, total sulfur trioxide (SO3) /20%, including 16% trioxide (SO3) soluble in water/, total iron (Fe)/5%/
We present to your attention a specialized fertilizer against weeds for grass by the company BIOPON with the content of NPK (Mg, S) 7: 5: 8 (4.5: 20) and with iron (Fe), which we added to our catalog of specialized fertilizers on our online catalog for garden 

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