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Effective granular fertilizer for boxwood, ligustrum, pyracantha and hedges

Effective granular fertilizer for boxwood, ligustrum, pyracantha and hedges
Effective granular fertilizer for boxwood, ligustrum, pyracantha and hedges
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You can find an effective fertilizer for hedges and boxwood, which will help evergreen plants quickly recover from the stress after pruning, online at

If you have boxwoods or hedges of ligustrum, pyracantha, spirea, euonymus, and thuja that you want to take good care of, the online home and gardening catalog offers you Biopon fertilizers from its catalog, specially selected for this purpose.

Mineral fertilizers, in which nitrogen and potassium are more strongly concentrated, affect without fail this type of specific plant species because they are often pruned.

Hedge fertilizer helps boxwood and ligustrum to keep their leaves saturated and green helps to form and retain the characteristic gloss of their leaf mass, helping to thicken them.

Thanks to the higher potassium content, the Aggrecol fertilizers of this series help evergreen shrubs and hedges to be healthier, faster growing, and more resistant to drought, cold, some diseases, and common pests. As you know, every well-nourished plant is also healthier.

These selected fertilizers have a beneficial effect not only on plants but also on improving the microflora in the soil. Biopon will saturate the boxwoods and hedges with essential nutrients. Provide them with the nutrients they need for proper development by fertilizing them periodically according to the manufacturer's instructions.

A big plus of the fertilizers from the series is the fact that they can be used successfully and efficiently during all phases of the development of boxwoods and hedges.

With a single feeding, their action continues without fail for two to three months. Hedges and boxwoods can be fertilized from early spring to late summer, which helps their proper development and good appearance, the density of the foliage, and the shiny and fresh green color of the leaves.

From the online catalog for the home and garden team, we recommend that fertilization with Biopon be carried out in mild weather, during the summer period necessarily early in the morning or in the evening, when it is cooler.

The formula of these specialist hedge and ligustrum fertilizers is manufactured granular, so it dissolves quickly after watering and is easily absorbed by the root system of boxwoods and nurtured plants.

In order to have a good result, please follow a few simple tips of the online catalog dor gardening for the correct work with this series of fertilizers:

For planting hedges in the spring, you need about 25 grams of fertilizer per one square meter of new plantings up to 50 cm high. The granules are easy to apply. Dig the holes in which you will plant the ligustrum or the other species. They are usually staggered. Put the required amount of granules in the holes. Mix them with a little soil. Plant the plants and tamp the soil well on top. Water abundantly.

To feed a hedge from the beginning of spring to the end of summer, 20 - 25 grams of fertilizer are needed for one square meter of the hedge.

To prepare a substrate for planting boxwoods and others, you need 25 g per one liter of soil.

Cut: 1 kg.
Duration of action: About two to three months with one fertilization. It is used in the period from early spring to the end of July.
Application and dosage: 25 g per square meter. For a young hedge with a height of up to half a meter - 20 - 25 grams per square meter. When planting a new hedge, ligustrum, thuja, boxwood, 25 g per 20 liters of soil. One package of 1 kg is enough to fertilize 40 square meters.

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