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Controlled slow release fertilizer for lawns and shrubs

Controlled slow release fertilizer for lawns and shrubs
Controlled slow release fertilizer for lawns and shrubs
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The leading formulas on which this professional lawn fertilizer was created determine its specificity, which consists of the controlled release of nutrients. It contains all the nutrients needed by lawns, is easy to absorb, and is safer than other, non-controlled-release fertilizers.

By using this fertilizer, you will be protected from burning the grass (of course, if you follow the fertilization rate) because the nutrients are slow-release. In this way, the risk of damage to the grass and other ornamental plants - bushes, hedges, and others - that you fertilize is minimized.

The prolonged effect of this unique fertilizer, which lasts for several months with just one fertilization, allows you to fertilize less often, which, for large areas, undoubtedly saves a lot of time. You also ensure peace of mind during all phases of plant development, because with this fertilizer, lawns and decorative areas are provided with well-balanced nutrients necessary for their normal development.

This class of fertilizers for grass and shrubs, among other things, promotes good growth and improves the general condition of plants. Lawn and decorative areas fertilized with this fertilizer develop extremely well. The grasses form thick clumps with a rich green appearance and a wonderful view.

Fertilizer helps to nourish lawns well. It helps to restore their vitality and helps them to be more durable at low and high temperatures. It strengthens plants and helps them to be more resistant and adaptable to soil and atmospheric conditions.

One of the great advantages of the technologies by which this Dutch fertilizer is obtained is the fact that each granule in it is encapsulated in a unique multi-layer shell. This peculiar capsule is quickly soluble even when you first water the sown grass or decorative area and actively nourishes the plants from the very beginning of their development.

The specialists from our online store, among other things, can assure their customers that slow-release lawn fertilizer is economically very profitable. On the one hand, with it you fertilize once every 3 months, avoiding frequent (weekly or monthly) and resulting in more expensive fertilizing. On the other hand, its rate of use allows you to process a whole 1100 square meters of grass or ornamental sown area with only 20 kilograms of fertilizer.

Another nice feature of this special Dutch fertilizer is that it is compatible with every conceivable variety of turf. It is used in courtyards, gardens, parks, landscaped spaces near hotels, hospitals or hypermarkets, sports fields and stadiums, garden areas, trees, bushes, and flowers.

The demand for specialist controlled-release fertilizers for lawns and shrubs is increasing. We are glad to be able to provide you with a quality product at a good price.

Package: 20 kg.
Duration of action: About three months.
Application and dosage: For 1 square meter - 18-20 grams. The 20 kg package can be enough to fertilize areas up to 1.1 decares
Content: Nitrogen /22%/, Phosphorus /5%/, Potassium /9%/, Magnesium /2%/, Iron /1%/
The special fertilizer for slow-release lawns Mivena 22 + 5 + 9 + 2MgO + 1Fe is part of the rich catalog of our online catalog and enjoys great interest from users. This quality fertilizer is a special development of leading specialists in the industry from the Netherlands.

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