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Concentrated liquid fertilizer for balcony flowers and flowering plants in pots

Concentrated liquid fertilizer for balcony flowers and flowering plants in pots
Concentrated liquid fertilizer for balcony flowers and flowering plants in pots
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Fertilizer for blooming balcony flowers and decorative plants by Lactofol is suitable for fertilizing all types of flowers that are grown in pots. It has a universal application and is suitable even for foliage flowers that are grown in pots. This quality fertilizer is already part of the rich catalog of our online catalog for garden and modern home

Fertilizers for flowering balcony flowers are used to fertilize ornamental plants such as petunia, African violet, viola, geranium, godetia, daisy, money plant, cascading flowers, and even foliage plants.

They are used both for feeding the balcony plants outside and for potted or greenhouse-grown flowers in containers.

Lactofol's balcony flower fertilizers are ideal for fertilizing all types of flowering plants, even bulbs such as snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, mascaras, tulips, amaryllis, grown in boxes outdoors or indoors.

These liquid fertilizers stimulate the flowering of flowers, help to increase their durability, and make the flowers saturated and bright.

The convenient liquid form of this concentrated fertilizer allows easy fertilizing of balcony plants by watering. For this purpose, it is necessary to dissolve one cap of the fertilizer (15 ml) in one and a half liters of water. With the solution prepared in this way, you can water about two to three boxes.

With just one fertilization, you ensure an effect of about 14 days, during which time the nourished plants receive the necessary amount of nutrients.

Fertilizing with specialized fertilizers for balcony plants will have a beneficial effect on the growth and flowering of plant species. They will also develop stronger roots and glossy foliage.

Especially useful for introducing flowers that do not tolerate grafting well and the soil of the vessels they live in cannot be changed often.

With the liquid fertilizer for balcony flowers and plants, you can nourish your decorative plants from April to September outdoors. All year round feed those species that you have the opportunity to bring them home in a warm room or a heated conservatory during the cold weather.

It is especially important to know that the fertilizers are treated in the temperature range of 12 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius in mild weather (during the summer season early in the morning or later in the evening), and indoors all year round.

This Lactofol balcony flower fertilizer is easy to work with and convenient to store as it is available concentrated, easily dissolved, and quickly absorbed by the plants fed with it.

With the liquid fertilizers for flowering plants grown on the balcony or in pots of Lactofol, you can effectively fertilize fuchsia, begonia, hydrangea, petunia, tagetes, marigold, impatiens, gypsy, cyclamen, and other potted species.

Specialists from the team of our online catalog for home and modern garden advise that when watering the balcony flowers and flowering species, you should follow the Lactofol manufacturer's fertilization rate for best results.

Size: 250 ml.
Duration of action: It works for about 2 weeks with one fertilization.
Application and dosage: One cap of the fertilizer is dissolved in 1.5 liters of water. One package of 250 ml is enough for 16.6 liters of watering water.
Content: Total Nitrogen (N) 4%; Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 6.5%; Potassium oxide (K2O) 7%; Boron 0.2%

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