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Fertilizer for new lawns built with grass mixtures - Start

Fertilizer for new lawns built with grass mixtures - Start
Fertilizer for new lawns built with grass mixtures - Start
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Gardening and home catalog is pleased to present you with a great fertilizer for new lawns, built by sowing professionals and hobby grass mixtures - Start 20-20-10.

The fertilizer for a new grass carpet is produced by the leader in Bulgarian fertilizer production, Lactofol. It is a powerful granular mineral fertilizer that is applied when weeding new gardens or when seeding damaged grass carpets.

Start 20-20-10 has a powerful and very fast action. It supports grass seeds for faster germination and faster growth at the beginning of their development. It has an extremely beneficial effect on young lawns and disturbed grasses as a result of drought, intense trampling, etc.

Fertilizer for grass carpets and grass mixtures Start is very easy to apply. The package contains a special measuring cup that helps you dose extremely precisely (one cup equals 50 g).

Measure the amount of fertilizer you need and spread it evenly on the lawn. After fertilizing, be sure to water abundantly.
If you are doing a new lawn with a grass mix, you can add the lawn fertilizer when you sow the seeds and dig it in with them.

Package: 1 kg (for 35 sq.m.)
Duration of action: About a month.
Application and dosage: Apply about 30 g per square meter of this complex fertilizer for grass carpets. Fertilize when the grass is dry or immediately after sowing the grass mixture (when establishing new gardens), spreading it evenly over the lawn.

Fertilization can be done with a hand-held ryegrass fertilizer or by hand (use gloves). Be sure to water abundantly after fertilizing.
Content: Nitrogen (N) 20%, Diphosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 20%, Potassium oxide (K2O) 10% 

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