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Broad bean seeds

Packing / number of seeds: 50 g (20 - 50 seeds), 500 g (200 - 500 seeds) Sowing rate: 14..
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In this section of our online seeds catalog, you will find a rich assortment of seeds of one of the oldest cultivated foods and one of the earliest vegetables that exist. A plant, part of the Legume family, which is extremely closely related to peas and green beans, namely the broad bean.

Useful and tasty. These are the two words that perfectly describe broad bean seeds.

What is this ancient plant actually characterized by?

Buckwheat is an annual multi-seeded bean, which is distinguished by early ripening and a highly developed central root. Its stem is upright and branched at the base, and reaches a height of 180 cm. Its leaves have an interesting elliptical shape and a smooth surface. It produces a large number of large flowers that are colored in white colors and are characterized by one or two black spots on the petals.

Gives a harvest of juicy green beans, which when ripe acquire dark brown, even black shades. With this feature, the broad bean is posed under the name "black bean, broad bean".

One bunch contains from 1 to 4 fruits. Their shape is cylindrical, with a curved edge.

Like other legumes, broad bean seeds are rich in protein and fiber. In fact, vegetable fibers in their composition are more than in lentils, peas, and beans. The useful content of the plant does not end here. In its composition, the broad bean seeds have extremely necessary vitamins from group B - B1 and B2, phosphorus, zinc, and iron. Buckwheat is a crop that can supply the body with the necessary dose of iron per day.

With its high protein and fiber content, the "black bean" becomes a great alternative for people who strive for a healthier dietary lifestyle.

Its consumption is also a great prevention against many diseases, especially those of the heart. The reason is that, like other leguminous plants, broad bean seeds contribute to the reduction of blood sugar levels, which has a bad effect on blood vessels.

Bakla can be consumed in many ways. With their wonderful taste and aroma, broad bean seeds are a favorite vegetable, from which a very delicious soup, stew, and broth are made. A wonderful idea for a dish with broad bean seeds is the summer vegetable stew.

This recipe requires onion, garlic, red pepper, flour, fennel, oil, and of course broad bean seeds. It is recommended to choose a fresher pod, which must be washed well and the pods cut off at both ends.

In a larger pot, heat the oil and add the onion. You need two heads of onion, which you need to finely chop beforehand. Stir until soft and add the broad bean seeds. The necessary amount of broad bean seeds is about one kilogram, which is sprinkled with salt beforehand and rubbed carefully between the fingers.

You mix the two vegetables until mixed and stew for a while. After stewing, add the red pepper, about a teaspoon, the flour, a tablespoon, half a bunch of dill, a head, and finely chopped garlic, and add hot water. Leave the dish on low heat for about 30-40 minutes. Finely chop the remaining half of the fennel and sprinkle liberally on the dish before serving. And voila!

Many people also consider the broad bean seeds to be a better substitute for salad beans and add it as a healthy ingredient to the salad. Depending on your taste preferences, you can choose different ingredients, broad bean seeds goes extremely well with cheese, rosemary, basil, and ham.