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Universal lawn grass mixture

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In this part of the garden and home catalog, we will present quality universal lawn grass mixtures for building different types of lawns. Here you will also find professional information on how to choose a suitable universal grass mixture, how to sow the seeds, and the subtleties of cultivation to obtain the best decorative effect.

Universal types of ryegrass are among the most frequently used by professionals and lovers of garden-park art. Their main advantage is that they are extremely plastic and develop equally well on terrains with different characteristics – alternating sunny and shady areas in the yard, soil with different characteristics, etc.

All-purpose grasses are produced by mixing several types of wheat grass with approximately the same leaf structure, but which withstand different environmental conditions. They grow quickly and form a dense grassy clump with a pleasant decorative effect and medium resistance to waterlogging.

What is a universal grass lawn mixture suitable for?

The universal grass mixture is most often applied in yards and gardens in which there are areas with light shading during a given part of the day, alternating with areas that are warmed by the sun's rays all day.

Chim, built with a grass mixture lawn of universal type has very high aesthetic qualities, with excellent density and pleasant softness to the touch. For this reason, mixed grass is extremely valued when building luxury lawns in hotels and residences, private yards, houses, mountain villas, mountain huts, green areas around restaurants and bars, etc.

How to sow a universal lawn grass mixture?

Sowing seeds of universal ryegrass is done by pre-preparing the place for the future lawn. Clear the old grass, and weeds, mow and level the field well. In the event that the soil is more clayey and you have doubts that a lot of moisture will be retained somewhere and may even bog the soil, provide for a drainage system.
It is good to level and compact the ground with a garden roller before sowing the universal grass. This is done in order to compact the soil that swells during milling and processing (excavation) to prevent subsidence later. This is especially important so that you can easily maintain the lawn in the future.

When you fix the terrain, proceed to sow a universal lawn grass mixture. This can be done manually or by using different types of ryegrass seeders. Distribute the seeds as evenly as possible, usually about 1 kg per 35-40 sq.m. If you want a faster initial effect, you can increase the rate by about 20-40%.

After spreading the seed, it should be covered with a fine layer of soil, which should not be more than one cm. This is done by digging in with a garden rake or sprinkling with an additional amount of humus soil or a mixture of humus soil and sand.

After covering the universal grass mixture with a layer of soil, you should roll it with a garden roller. In the absence of a roller, you can fill it with a wider board.

After sowing, be sure to spray the field with an anti-ant preparation (insecticide) and do not water for several hours.

Watering newly planted universal ryegrass.

Watering is extremely important for young grass. It should be done with a very fine stream that does not dig up or displace the seeds.
It is of particular importance for germination that the surface layer, in which the universal grass seed is located, does not dry out even for a moment (it must be constantly moist, but not wet). This is done because the young sprouts coming out at the beginning are vulnerable to drought and high temperatures (for this reason no universal grass mix is ​​sown during the summer months).

How do you mow lawns built with a lawn universal grass mix?

One of the most important conditions for the grass carpet to look in perfect condition is regular mowing. In areas built with universal grass mixtures, this is optimally done once a week or once every 5 days in more intensive fertilizing schemes. If you let the grass overgrow, it starts to suffocate itself and forms unpleasant tufts of grass that spoil the decorative effect of the entire area.

Mowing the universal ryegrasses is done with an electric or motor mower of suitable power, which must be equipped with a basket for collecting the mowed grass. Mowing sharp corners, areas along fences, etc. parts of the yard that are inaccessible to the lawnmowers are done with corded grass trimmers or grass shears, and after mowing with them it is good to collect the grass either with the lawnmower or with a garden leaf rake.

Fertilization of gardens and green areas, grassed with grass mixture universal.

With regular maintenance of the lawn, mainly by mowing and watering, a huge amount of nutrients are taken from the soil and from the leaf mass of the grass every week. For this reason, it is mandatory to fertilize the lawn regularly with appropriate fertilizers for the lawn to develop well 

Fertilization intervals and rates depend on the types of lawn fertilizers you have chosen. Each manufacturer necessarily indicates the recommended standards per square meter, which should be strictly followed.