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Grass mixture for dry places and strongly sunny terrains Water saver

Grass mixture for dry places and strongly sunny terrains Water saver
Grass mixture for dry places and strongly sunny terrains Water saver
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The online home and garden catalog has a rich catalog that includes suggestions for weeding almost all types of yards. Here we will present to you the Italian selected grass mixture for dry places and sunny terrains Water saver.

This blend of specialty grass seeds grows well in both sun-drenched areas and dry torrid areas.

Water saver dry site mix produces a dense and uniform deep green, moderately water- and trampling-resistant lawn that is highly resistant to strong sunlight and drought. Despite the high resistance of the grass, it still needs to be taken care of - watering (especially during the summer heat), and regular mowing (once a week) so as to ensure its maximum longevity.

In our country, it perfectly tolerates the characteristic climate with four seasons and is already actively used in the weeding of any, especially specific terrains in drier and hotter places (Sandanski, Plovdiv, Haskovo, Petrich, Burgas, Kiten, Primorsko, Varna, Targovishte, etc.).

One of the advantages of this grass mixture is that it has extremely high decorative qualities unlike many other types of grass adapted to thrive in dry and sun-baked areas. The fields grassed with it have a pleasant buttery green color, characteristic of Mediterranean vegetation, and make a dense and dense grass carpet that grows evenly and pleases the eye.

Water saver grass can be used in private yards, decorative parks, courtyards, and gardens even in hard-to-maintain places on the shores of Ahtopol or Balchik, on the slopes of mountains, in the southernmost or in the driest parts of our country.

You can see areas landscaped with the Italian grass mixture both in private yards and gardens and in public places, in parks, hotel complexes, near restaurants or gas stations, around large malls and hypermarkets, on terraces, terraced gardens, and roof gardens.

Drought and sun tolerant, the Italian grass mix can be used to weed virtually any other type of site in our country and is relatively easy to maintain.

Package: 1 kg
Sowing rate: Up to 40 square meters are sown with 1 kilogram.
Wading durability: Average durability.
Illumination of the field: Prefers a sunny place, and successfully withstands shading for a short time during the day.
Need for watering: Watering is regular without overwatering, preferably in the evening.
Mowing features: The first mowing is done at a height of 7 centimeters, then it is mowed every week, keeping the height of the grass around 4 - 5 cm.
Soil conditions: Sandy and drained soil.
Resistance to low temperatures: Withstands the low winter temperatures in Bulgaria without problems.
Leaf characteristics: Medium fine leaf structure with an excellent decorative effect and the density of lawns.
Suitable fertilizers: With long-acting professional lawn fertilizers.
Sowing period: March to June and September to October.
Sowing depth: At 1.5 centimeters in sandy soil and at 0.5 to 1.00 centimeters in clay or similar.
Soil temperature at sowing: At 15-25 degrees, not below 5 degrees Celsius.
Germination period: From 5 to 14 days


Festuca arundinacea - 80%

Meadow ryegrass - Lolium perenne - 10%

Poa pratensis - 10%

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