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Professional luxury grass mixture Finesse for extremely dense and beautiful lawn

Professional luxury grass mixture Finesse for extremely dense and beautiful lawn
Professional luxury grass mixture Finesse for extremely dense and beautiful lawn

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Professional grass mixture Finesse is part of the rich catalog of our online catalog for grass seeds and is always available to all clients who want something really special. It is selected from professional grass varieties of extremely high quality, appreciated by both professional landscapers and amateur gardeners.

With visually extremely fine leaves, the luxurious grass mixture makes an even and well-compacted grass carpet when seeded, which is distinguished by its deep green color and exceptional density of the lawn.

Practical, easy to maintain, incredibly beautiful after the grass has grown, and adaptable - this is the lawn sown with the Finesse grass mixture.

It is no coincidence that it is widely valued for landscaping in all geographical areas of the entire country, from the southernmost to the northernmost and from the easternmost to the westernmost. It grows equally well at sea level along the coast, in the lowlands of rivers and lakes, and at higher altitudes.

It is used for landscaping luxurious courtyards and gardens, parks, hotels, spa complexes, public green spaces, in resorts, residences of diplomats, villas, gated residential complexes, out-of-town guest houses, and where else. Many restaurants, gas stations, hypermarkets, and shopping malls have also chosen Finesse grass mixture to sod the green areas around their sites. Due to its high and aesthetic qualities, it is also used in the weeding of more luxurious and representative properties, in aristocratic courtyards, around expensive properties, and in five-star hotels all over our country.

A great relief for all gardeners is the fact that the Phineas grass mixture offers a relatively accelerated and balanced germination, as well as the growth of the plant itself.

Maintenance activities are carried out regularly in order to have a really high-quality and attractive green area in your home or on the site you are landscaping.

These properties of the grass mixture make it easy to work, seed, and maintain the green areas that are grassed with Finesse.

Resistance to low temperatures and an evergreen world even in winter, powerful roots that allow it to develop well even in drought, high aesthetic qualities, and adaptability - these are among the main distinguishing features of the Finesse grass mixture.

Non-professional gardeners should know that Phineas grass mix is ​​best sown in regularly sunny areas, although the crops will also grow relatively well in partial shade near a tree, building, or fence. In any situation, however, it requires 5 to 6 hours of sunshine per day.

When it comes to irrigation, the advice of the online catalog for garden and home specialists is to do it regularly, preferably in the morning and late afternoon, when the sun's rays weaken.

  • Package: 5 kg, 10 kg
  • Sowing rate: 35 to 40 square meters of area are covered with 1 kilogram of seeds. 5 kg are for up to 200 sq.m.
  • Wading resistance: Medium resistance.
  • Illumination of the field: In the sun, but it is also tolerant of partial shading.
  • Need for watering: Regular watering with 5-15 liters per square meter per day depending on the location, season, and soil. Keep the soil layer moist but not wet.
  • Features of mowing: First mowing at 7-8 centimeters, maintenance at 3-4 centimeters. It can also be cut very low at about 1.5 - 2.5 cm.
  • Soil conditions: Sandy and well-drained soils.
  • Resistance to low temperatures: Adapted to the climatic conditions in our country, it is evergreen.
  • Leaf characteristics: Extremely fine and elegant texture with a luxurious appearance.
  • Suitable Fertilizers: At seeding, fertilize with a new grass fertilizer followed by a long-acting ryegrass fertilizer.
  • Sowing period: From the end of March to June, and then in autumn, sow in September - October.
  • Sowing depth: 2 centimeters for sandy soil and 0.5-1.5 centimeters for clayey or similar.
  • Soil temperature at sowing: At 15-25 degrees, but not below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • Germination Period: Luxury Grass Professional Blend seeds germinate in 7 - 14 days.


This type of professional grass mixes consists of the following types of grasses:

10% Festuca trichophylla (red fescue special variety)
40% Festuca rubra rubra (red fescue special variety)
10% Festuca rubra trichophylla (red fescue special variety)
40% Lolium perenne (pasture ryegrass special variety)

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