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Fertilizer for new grass with grass mix or ryegrass - New Grass 20-20-8

Fertilizer for new grass with grass mix or ryegrass - New Grass 20-20-8
Fertilizer for new grass with grass mix or ryegrass - New Grass 20-20-8

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Fertilizer for a new lawn and ryegrass Landscaper pro New Grass 20-20-8 is a specialized fertilizer with controlled release for newly grassed areas, which an online catalog for modern gardening and home maintains in its catalog.

This long-acting mineral fertilizer is used to feed both newly sown lawns from seed and when laying sedges. It can also be used as a spring fertilizer for existing lawns for a strong start after winter. Extremely useful for fertilizing sites that are seeded with grass mixtures or where whole swathes are replaced.

If you treat your lawns with this unique Dutch fertilizer for new grass and ryegrass, you guarantee them a balanced supply of essential nutrients throughout the 3-month period of action. The risk of peaks and troughs in the supply of essential elements for grasses is eliminated.

Fertilized with these special fertilizers, lawns are protected from burning due to over-fertilization (if the doses and period of action are observed). This is due to the special formula of their creation and the multi-layer capsule in which the substances in New Grass 20-20-8 are wrapped.

Fertilized grasses become more resistant to drought, and sudden changes in high and low temperatures compared to areas that are not actively fertilized.

Fertilizers from this series have a beneficial effect on the development of grassroots in-depth, strengthen the leaf mass, support the growth of new grasses, and the formation of a dense and uniform grass cover.

Unlike any other mineral fertilizer of a different grade (not a long-acting new grass fertilizer), New Grass 20-20-8 nourishes ryegrass and turfgrass evenly and consistently for a full three months with just one treatment. This process in other fertilizers that are not slow-release is one-time and instantaneous, and the nutrients cannot be gradually absorbed by the crops.

When fertilizing with the fertilizers for new grass and ryegrass New Grass 20-20-8, you are protected from moments of shortage of essential nutrients throughout the entire period of action.

This specialized mineral fertilizer is easy to use. After spreading it in compliance with the fertilization norms, it is only necessary to water it. Some of the nutrients dissolve very quickly and reach the roots of the grass.

The change in the appearance of older lawns is amazing! When feeding newly grassed areas the possibility of faster interception increases with proper installation. When grassing fields with ryegrass and grass mixtures, faster and more uniform germination is observed when the area has been fertilized.

Controlled release fertilizers help the development of grasses, strengthen and develop their roots and in-depth, strengthen the foliage and make the grass areas more resistant to diseases and climate changes.

Areas properly fertilized with New Grass 20-20-8 New Grass 20-20-8 Fertilizers become more durable and strong, and the grass cover is evenly thickened. The type of new or regenerated grass is stronger and has a deep green color. Such grass is both strong and resistant, and at the same time has a fresh appearance and high aesthetic qualities.

With these professional fertilizers for grass New Grass 20-20-8, you can fertilize from spring to autumn newly grassed areas with grass mixtures or newly landscaped grounds. These long-acting mineral fertilizers are suitable for any type of ryegrass, clover, sports grass mixes, drought-resistant mixes, shade or sun mixes, etc. You can fertilize when weeding, but also when regenerating old terrain, when replacing weeds and when additional sowing.

Use New Grass 20-20-8 Ryegrass and New Grass Fertilizer even to feed existing lawns, especially in the spring when nutrients are in short supply and areas need regeneration. As the rich experience of the specialists from our online catalog for modern homes and gardening shows, the fertilizer for new grass and ryegrass is an excellent choice for nourishing young, but also older lawns!

Special fertilizers for new grasses give you the opportunity with a single treatment to effectively nourish your grassy areas and to get an amazing grass carpet with a rich color. Grasses become more resistant to climate change, vibrant, healthy, and beautiful. 

Package: 15 kg.
Duration of action: Three months with one fertilization.
Application and dosage: For 1 square meter - 20 to 40 grams. The 15 kg package is sufficient for a lawn area of ​​375 square meters, but according to the manufacturer's recommendation, it can also be used in a dose of 20 g per square meter for up to 750 square meters. (in less poor soils)
Content: Nitrogen (N) 20% (Ammonia nitrogen (N-NH4) 4.4%, Nitrogen urea (Ur-N) 15.2%), Phosphorus pentoxide (P205) 20% (Water soluble (P205) 15.0%), Potassium oxide (K20) 8% (Water soluble (K20) 8.0%).
Recommended period of use: Use from March to August

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