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Professional grass mixture suitable for orchards and vineyards super dry resistant

Professional grass mixture suitable for orchards and vineyards super dry resistant
Professional grass mixture suitable for orchards and vineyards super dry resistant

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The grass mixture for the orchard and vineyard is selected from certain types of grasses with extremely deep roots, which are successfully fed even in the driest and most unfavorable places for growth. It does not need much watering, as its powerful roots find water deep in the poorest soil, regardless of where it is planted. This type of highly drought tolerant ryegrass grows successfully both in full sun and partial shade. In addition, this grass grows at a low height, so mowing is not a problem and does not need to be very frequent.

Under relatively favorable conditions and minimal maintenance, this grass mixture lives for about 10 years, all the while making a dense, thick, and durable grass that, among other things, also performs a purely decorative function in addition to its practical advantages.

The purpose of planting this effective grass mixture is to help plantings such as those in vineyards or orchards by conserving soil moisture and lowering soil temperature in the summer, reducing evaporation from the ground and retaining moisture in the soil thanks to its dense grass cover. With this weeding, the danger of erosion is reduced, therefore it is also used for earth reinforcement purposes on landslides, roadside slopes, and other terrains.

It has the ability to withstand both high and low temperatures, especially drought, and even planting in particularly saline soil. In addition to vineyards and orchards, this hardy grass is widely used in the weeding of all kinds of other spaces, including park spaces, public gardens and picnic areas, meadows, portions of golf courses, and block spaces. Since it does not require intensive maintenance, it is also suitable for the weeding of suburban or holiday properties that are used infrequently and not all year round.

Above all, however, this specially selected grass mixture is sought after by the owners of orchards and vineyards because of its inimitable qualities, which make it especially valuable for all winegrowers and orchardists. It is used in fruit-growing and wine-growing areas throughout the country, both in flat and mountainous terrain, along the coast, and in river valleys.

Packege: 10 kg
Sowing rate: With 10 kilograms up to 500 square meters (20 - 25 g of seeds per square meter or 1 kg for about 40 square meters).
Water resistance: A highly resistant type of grass.
Illumination of the field: It is sown both in sunny places and in the variegated shade (penumbra).
Need for watering: When sown in early spring to summer, it makes a very deep root, from which comes its extremely high drought resistance. While strengthening the root, it needs to be watered regularly, and then there is no need for intensive watering. However, the best decorative effect shows with regular irrigation.
Features of mowing: It is mowed twice a month and maintained at a height of 4-5 centimeters. It grows more in width than in height.
Soil conditions: No claims to soil types.
Resistance to low temperatures: It has one of the highest in our country and is green all year round.
Leaf characteristics: Soft with a fine texture.
Suitable Fertilizers: Fertilizing with summer fertilizing fertilizers is recommended.
Sowing period: March-May and September-October.
Sowing depth: About 1-2 centimeters depending on the massif.
Soil temperature at sowing: At 15-25 degrees, but not below 5 degrees Celsius.
Germination period: Up to 2 weeks after sowing under good conditions (moisture and temperature). offers a special grass mixture for extremely low need for watering and mowing. The lack of need for special maintenance, the high resistance to drought and temperature fluctuations, the resistance to trampling, the unpretentiousness, make it specially adapted for such areas.


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