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Grass seeds for dry areas Sahara presented by Seven Seeds

Grass seeds for dry areas Sahara presented by Seven Seeds
Grass seeds for dry areas Sahara presented by Seven Seeds

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In the rich catalog of the online, the specialized Grass seeds for dry areas Sahara occupies a special place and there is a reason, as even the statistics show that it is among the most sought after and loved in gardening in our country. As practice proves, the specialized Sahara-type grass mixture is particularly suitable for almost all regions of our country, it has high winter resistance and drought resistance.

Any sandy or slightly clayey soil is good for the Grass seeds for dry areas Sahara, as long as we take care of it according to the prescriptions - such as sowing, fertilizing, watering, mowing, and all the other activities that must be applied to each grass crop. This dry-resistant grass mixture is widely sought after and used by both specialists and amateurs in gardening, it does not require particularly special care, it grows well on all types of terrain.

It is good to know that it should be sown in sunny places, although it tolerates partial shade well.

Drought-tolerant Sahara grass seeds contains a mixture of grass species that are highly drought tolerant, form deep roots, and do not require too much maintenance and watering. Among the great virtues of this grass is that it makes a thick and dense green carpet, its color is deep green, and the leaves are of a fine but durable texture.

We are from the online catalog team and have always recommended our customers to use the "Sahara" type lawn seeds for sun and dry areas for weeding wherever more demanding grasses do not grow well and do not give the same effect. It is extremely suitable for the weeding of excessively dry areas or for areas without constant active maintenance. Neither light shading nor constant sunlight is harmful, it does not require special care and irrigation. With it, you can weed your yard and garden at home, in any park, public gardens, lawns, houses, villas, or hotel complexes.

It is highly valued by landscape specialists as a powerful natural anti-slide agent and for strengthening landslides and eroded and erosion-prone areas. There are similar areas in many places in the country, both along the Black Sea and inland.

The specialized drought-resistant Grass seeds for dry areas Sahara type is a widely sought-after item from the online catalog for home and garen, as it simultaneously arouses the interest of both experienced and budding gardeners. It offers both useful and purely decorative qualities at prices that are quite affordable for every pocket.

If you have a yard that you don't take care of regularly, if you need to strengthen an embankment on the side of the road to your home that looks good at the same time, you are oriented to this unique grass mixture, suitable for everyone, everywhere.

Packaging of lawn seeds for dry areas Sahara: 500 g, 1 kg, 10 kg
Sowing rate: 1 kg for up to 35 sq.m.
Wading resistance: Medium.
Field lighting: Requires direct sun. Tolerates partial shade. But it develops optimally in sunlight for at least 6-7 hours a day.
Watering needs: Drought tolerant, but also requires regular watering of 5 to 15 liters per square meter depending on the season, rainfall, and other factors.
Features of mowing: After sowing, the first mowing is done at a height of 6-7 cm. After that, mowing is optimally done once a week or every 5 to 7 days, and it is recommended to keep it at a height of about 4 - 5 cm.
Soil conditions: Sandy or slightly loamy soil is recommended. Good drainage and drainage are recommended for proper grass development.
Resistance to low temperatures: Winter-resistant for the climate in Bulgaria and evergreen.
Characteristics of the leaves: Fine structure with a very good decorative effect.
Suitable Fertilizers: Regular fertilization is recommended. The rate and intensity of fertilization are determined by the intensity of maintenance of the lawn, as well as by the type of fertilizer used. We recommend an all-season lawn fertilizer or long-acting fertilizers.
Sowing period: March - June and September - October.
Sowing depth: For sandy soils up to 2 cm deep, for clayey and related soils - from 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm.
Soil temperature at sowing: Sow at 15-25 degrees Celsius, it is forbidden to do this when the temperature is below 5 degrees.
Germination period: One to two weeks.


Reed fescue (Festuca arundinacea sp.) – 40%
Reed fescue (Festuca arundinacea sp.) – 45%
Pasture ryegrass (Lolium perenne sp.) – 10%
Meadow panicle (Poa pratensis sp.) – 5%

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