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Fertilizer for garden mini and specimen roses for long blooming

Fertilizer for garden mini and specimen roses for long blooming
Fertilizer for garden mini and specimen roses for long blooming
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The specialized fertilizer for garden roses, mini roses, standard roses, and rose plantings can be ordered online now and from the rich catalog of our online catalog for gardening and modern home

The formula of these granular fertilizers provides an excellent balance of ingredients, in which elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium play an important role. This composition allows the nourishment of all types of roses for about a month with only one fertilization.

Aggrecol's rose fertilizers are used to fertilize all types of rose plantings, such as shrub, climbing, stamp, tea, mini roses, floribunda, potted, balcony varieties, and garden roses.

Special fertilizers help to enrich the flowering of roses and contribute to the appearance of large, fragrant (depending on the variety) and saturated bright colors "flower cups".

In addition, their action also contributes to the greater longevity and freshness of the roses after they are cut, for example, cut flowers.

The granular fertilizer for garden roses is quick and convenient to work with, keep in mind that with just one fertilization you have a long-lasting effect that lasts a whole month.

These high-quality fertilizers support not only the development and growth of roses but are also of great benefit to the microbiology and condition of the fertilized soils.

Fertilizers for garden roses and other rose plants will help them be more disease and pest-resistant. They will stimulate them to be more resistant to climate changes - cold, heat, drought.

When you plant your garden roses in spring or autumn, it is good to work the soil beforehand and feed them with the specialized fertilizer for a more abundant and long flowering of roses.

With the special fertilizers for roses, plant nutrition is carried out according to a scheme that lasts from early spring to late autumn and is carried out every month.

If you fertilize your garden roses, minis, and climbing roses regularly, they will produce more flower buds. In addition to stimulating flowering, you will also extend its duration.

During the heat of summer, fertilize in the early mornings and evenings when it is cooler.

When fertilizing planted roses, spread the fertilizer around the stems in the soil without affecting the foliage. After fertilizing, water the garden roses and potted roses well.

When feeding roses when transplanting, pre-put the fertilizer in the prepared holes and mix it with the soil. Cover the roots with soil and water.

The doses used for feeding are 30-50 g per rose. The lower dose is used at planting and feeding during the flowering period. After each flowering period, feed the roses with 50 g per plant.

Specialists from our online catalog for gardens and homes definitely recommend this series of fertilizers even in the case of a deficiency of one of the main nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) in the soil.

NPK 12-12-12 (+4MgO) has a multifunctional effect when fertilizing rose plants with it, it nourishes them and gives them the opportunity to develop as well as possible and to form quality and numerous flower buds.

Package: 1 kg.
Duration of action: Up to one month with one fertilization.
Application and dosage: When planting - 30 grams per rose (30 grams per square meter), when feeding - 30 grams per plant, after the flowering period, fertilize with 50 grams per rose. The 1 kg package is sufficient for fertilizing 20 - 30 garden roses or mini roses or for 25 square meters of area.
Content: Nitrogen (N) 12%; Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 12%; Potassium oxide (K2O) 12%; Magnesium oxide (MgO) 4%; Other trace elements (B) 0.04 %, (Cu)* 0.1 %, (Fe)* 0.2 %, (Mn)* 0.17 %, (Mo) 0.01 %, (Zn)* 0.035 %. 

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