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Organic Red Salad Bowl seeds, curly and tasty variety

Organic Red Salad Bowl seeds, curly and tasty variety
Organic Red Salad Bowl seeds, curly and tasty variety
  • Model: SB0V970
  • Packing / number of seeds: 2 g (about 2400 bio seeds)
  • Sowing rate.
  • Harvest: About two months after sowing.
  • Sowing period: Late February in greenhouses, outdoors - March - April.
  • March toApril.
  • Growingscheme: 20/30 cm whether grown in polythene greenhouses, glass or outdoors.
  • Growing season: -
  • Fruit characteristics: Large rosettes of glabrous, curly leaves, coloured red. A very tasty variety, tender and with a pleasant fresh aroma.

Seeds.Shop has enriched its catalogue with special certified organic seeds of Red Curly Lettuce Red Salad Bowl.

Organic and organic production in general and its products are now entering quite rapidly and are widely appreciated not only on the Bulgarian market, but also all over the world. Many more foreign companies are interested in Bulgarian organic products because of their cultivation and health benefits.

The team of the online shop highly recommends trying the seeds of this, besides useful and quite tempting with its appearance red organic salad.

For a better and healthy life, you can grow organic red curly lettuce very easily. It does not require any special care. But naturally it needs attention and positive attitude like any plant.

Apart from being quite pleasant looking, curly red lettuce contains a lot of vitamins, iron, fiber and other beneficial substances in it. It is a low calorie salad and preferred in weight loss diets and diet meals. Another extremely important thing about this BIO red salad is the high content of antioxidants, which helps to cleanse the body from the accumulated harmful substances of our century, namely tobacco smoke, air pollution, etc.

One good advantage of the chalky red organic salad is that it can be eaten fresh without any worries, without any special processing. Mixing it with different types of vegetables, you will enjoy a delicious and healthy food. The convenience for the household in case is that you can diversify the table with different types of salads, using Red Salad Bowl organic salad in combinations with different vegetables every day.

Red curly lettuce can be successfully used to arrange various main dishes, can be added to sandwiches, even in soups. In fact, it can be experimented with, as its taste is quite fresh, pleasant and would combine, in addition to vegetables, with meat and even fish delicacies.

Its use for decoration comes from its appearance, especially its beautiful curly leaves, and the rosette is large and crisp, making it suitable for easy preparation.

The lettuce is placed in greenhouses in February, or rather towards the end of the month. If you want to grow lettuce outdoors, it is best to sow the seeds in March-April.

Regardless of how you decide to grow red curly lettuce organically, it is important to know that when sowing the soil needs to be well drained and light. It must also be kept moist, taking care not to get the plants themselves wet, as there is a danger of them rotting. Sow the seeds in rows 20 cm apart and the rows should be about 30 cm apart.

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