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Krim black tomato seeds - Noir de Crimee

Krim black tomato seeds - Noir de Crimee
Krim black tomato seeds - Noir de Crimee
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The next offer of the online seeds tomato catalog is Krim black tomato seeds Noir de Crimee. A different tomato variety will enrich your vegetable garden. The black tomato grows tall, so be prepared with some support for its stems. For example, you can use wooden poles, or metal or bamboo stakes.

The most characteristic of the extravagant variety is the color of the fruit, which is dark brown to dark purple. The weight they reach is about 170 to 180 g. Vegetation lasts about 75 days, and the finished tomatoes are very appetizing, sweet and slightly refreshing in taste.

Once you have decided to plant Krim black tomatoes in your garden, it is good to know that the seeds germinate in the temperature range of fourteen to sixteen degrees Celsius. The appropriate time for sowing will be in the spring or more precisely in the months of March, April, and May. You don't have to put the seed very deep, put it 0.5 centimeters into the ground. It is especially important for germination to water moderately.

When removing the seedlings, make the rows 80 centimeters apart and leave 60 centimeters between the seedlings themselves.

You will receive your ready Black tomatoes from July to September.

Noir de Crimee is filled with quality and beneficial ingredients. Different types of vitamins and minerals cross paths in the fruits of the sweet black tomato. So, for our organisms, they bring only benefits and a healthy way of eating.

You will need 25 to 30 grams of seed to fill an acre of land with Krim Black Tomato seeds.

We have already said when to sow them, and when you are ready with the sprouted seed (seedling), take it out into the open space in late spring and early summer - May and June.

Like any plant, the Krim tomato needs moisture, which means watering the future fruits regularly. It is also important not to overdo it with water so that the plants do not rot.

Fresh tomatoes are the tastiest and most useful. You can not only add flavor through it but also make impressive delicacies.

For example, if you make sandwiches and decide to use this variety, the taste will inevitably enrich them, but the sandwiches themselves will look interesting and will intrigue everyone.

It's strange to see a purple tomato, but its color is what makes it popular among professional chefs. The decoration made with the help of the Black Tomato will not go unnoticed. Tomatoes can be used as a supplement in the main dishes. For taste variety, combine the qualities of the Krim tomato with different vegetables, legumes, meat, cheese, or fish. See more organic Ace tomato seeds and more great vegetable seeds online

Cut / number of seeds: 0.3 g (70 - 90 seeds of Krim black tomato are in one package).
Sowing rate: From 25 to 30 grams per hectare.
Sowing period: In March, April, and May.
Planting period: May and June.
Cultivation scheme: 80/40-50 cm. In rows, with support stakes, in open spaces, and in greenhouses.
Vegetation: At 75 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: The Krim black tomato forms medium-sized fruits weighing about 170 - 180 g. The color is extremely characteristic - dark purple to dark brown. Extremely tasty, balanced juicy, and fleshy with a pleasant tomato aroma. Perfect for fresh consumption. 

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