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Great exotic seeds of green Tomatoes Green Zebra (Green Zebra)

Great exotic seeds of green Tomatoes Green Zebra (Green Zebra)
Great exotic seeds of green Tomatoes Green Zebra (Green Zebra)
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The team of the online catalog for tomato seeds has added to its vegetable catalog exotic green tomato seeds Green Zebra. The variety is very rare, but very quickly popularized in our country. The reason for this is mainly the colors of the tomato and the useful qualities contained in it.

In the following lines, you will undoubtedly learn more about the interesting exotic vegetable and how it can be grown. If you decide to sow the seeds of a green tomato, you will have useful and appetizing vegetables at your disposal.

Speaking of the useful content of substances necessary for our organism, Green Zebra tomatoes are one of the first choices of vegans and vegetarians. Putting them on your table brings coziness, besides, tomatoes diversify with their unique color.

You can use the green tomato as an ingredient in your salads, preserve it, or put it in a pickle. We will not exclude culinary specialists, who often resort to the help of green tomatoes for decoration.

As we know, all green colors are calming, and what better way to put this color in your prepared portion?

The seed of the Green Zebra Green Tomato is grown for its mid-late production. The stems rise in height, precisely because of the height of growth they need support.

Sowing is done in open spaces. The fruits are round, weighing about 70 grams. The outer part of the vegetable looks interesting - it is striped, with light and dark ones. The interior is only green. Tomatoes of the Green Zebra variety are extremely juicy and with memorable taste qualities.

The green tomato contains many vitamin and mineral ingredients. To feel energetic and toned during the day, you can eat these tomatoes, in combination with other vegetables. This way you take in enough healthy substances and you will feel good.

A few tips on how to deal with the cultivation of the variety.

First of all, know the time for sowing the seeds, these are the spring months - March, April, and May.

After obtaining a well-formed seedling, take it out to open areas, where you plant each one 40-50 centimeters apart. Leave a distance of 80 cm between the rows.

The way they are available will give you peace of mind that you are leaving room for the tomatoes to develop.

One more tip from the specialists of the online catalog for vegetable quality seeds, which will be useful to you. When choosing a place where the fruits will develop, take into account that this variety loves the sun's rays and heat. Watering should also be regular to obtain well-shaped and quality fruits. See more Krime black tomato seeds.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.2 g (about 40 - 60 Green Zebra tomato seeds in one package).
Sowing rate: Up to 25 grams per hectare.
Sowing period: From March to May.
Planting period: May.
Cultivation scheme: These exotic vegetables are grown in stakes at a scheme of 80/40-50 cm. They can be grown outdoors and in a polyethylene greenhouse.
Vegetation: About 80 days.
Fruit characteristics: Green Zebra is an extremely exotic tomato variety. It forms round small fruits (average weight about 70 g), which are completely green inside after ripening. Tomatoes are green on the outside with interesting light and dark green stripes (hence the name Zebra, similar to the exotic animal with black and white stripes). The exotic vegetable is highly valued for its perfect taste and aroma. They are suitable for fresh consumption and canning. 

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