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Organic seeds of carrot Nantes 2 from Vilmorin - tasty variety with a high production rate and a large root crop

Organic seeds of carrot Nantes 2 from Vilmorin - tasty variety with a high production rate and a large root crop
Organic seeds of carrot Nantes 2 from Vilmorin - tasty variety with a high production rate and a large root crop
  • Model: SB0V955
  • Packing / number of seeds: 2 g (the package contains about 1600 - 2000 pieces of organic seeds of Carrot Nantes 2)
  • Sowing rate: 0.450 to 0.600 kg of BIo seed per acre.
  • Yield.
  • Sowing period: April-May.
  • Transplanting period: No transplanting. Sowing period: Sowing time: 6 months.
  • Cultivation scheme: When producing and cultivating Bio Carrot Nantes 2, it is advisable to leave about 15-16 cm spacing between individual plants, whether you do it outdoors or in the greenhouse. Soils should be well drained and well prepared, choose sunny locations. Clean, weed and water regularly.
  • 90 to 100 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Elongated, cylindrical in shape, deep appetizing orange in colour. Very tender and crisp with a pleasant carrot aroma and sweet taste.

You can also find certified organic carrot seeds Nantes 2 in the rich catalogue of The cultivation of these vegetables takes place in special ecologically clean organic farms. Naturally grown in such a place the vegetables are extremely healthy and tasty. The organic variety Nantes 2 is an early variety, the carrots become crisp and juicy, with a very pleasant sweet taste.

We at highly recommend these organic Nantes 2 carrot seeds, as they have an extremely beneficial effect on the body as a whole. The fact that they are grown without the application of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is enough to make this variety one of the preferred vegetables. Important and useful substances in their composition make them a strong antioxidant, and the vitamin content supports beautiful skin, strengthens the state of vision, has a good influence in people suffering from diabetes.

Organic carrots have a strong content of useful biological substances, they are suitable for the preparation of fresh juices, salads, soups, various types of garnishes, as well as in the main dishes themselves. They are also often used to decorate various dishes.

Since there are carrot lovers that harm them when they grow, such as the carrot fly, it is good to know an option to protect them. When sowing the seeds themselves, you can sprinkle them with coffee grounds, and you can also spray them with an onion or garlic solution.

Here are some tips on how to grow Nantes 2 carrots from organic seeds.

You can sow the carrot seeds in spring. The best months to put them in the soil are April and May. There is no need to transplant after the plant has grown. Sow directly in the chosen place. It only needs to be thinned to get nice and healthy vegetables.

Sowing the organic seed for the carrot is done in previously prepared soils, well drained. The place where you sow them should be sunny. Germination of the plants takes place at a temperature of 20 degrees. They need watering and weeding.

Carrots can be harvested from August to September. They are pulled out of the soil, cleaned of soil and the leaves removed.

Organic carrots of the Nantes 2 variety have an exceptional culinary use. They can be used in salads, as a garnish, various types, and are particularly useful made into juice. It is highly recommended to drink carrot juice, and regularly, to strengthen the body. A very good combination is obtained by combining several types of vegetables with carrots of the Nantes variety. You can also can carrots to enjoy them during the cold months.

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