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Black (Gyumyurdzhinska) lettuce seeds

Black (Gyumyurdzhinska) lettuce seeds
Black (Gyumyurdzhinska) lettuce seeds

Online home and garden Catalog Semenata.ORG is pleased to present Bulgarian vegetable seeds of the variety Black Gyumurdzhinska Lettuce. It has a rather impressive appearance and is known for its crunchy texture and juicy taste.

By growing the seeds of this lettuce variety you get a relatively early harvest. A good reason for choosing this type of lettuce is that it is winter-hardy. The mature lettuce has large rosettes, its leaves are dark green, elongated and thick. The seeds are sown in clay-sandy soil. You need to keep the soil moist as you do with other seeds. It is very important especially when the temperatures are high.

To get a harvest in the spring it is recommended to sow the lettuce seeds in January or February. And for harvesting in autumn and winter you should sow the seeds of Black Gyumurdzhinska Lettuce from August to September.

You get spring production in April and May and winter production in December and January. You will harvest a crunchy leafy vegetable with juicy and tasty leaves.

Eat the lettuce fresh. It is quite successfully combined with all kinds of organic vegetables and various types of fresh spices. You can always add a tomato, fresh onion and garlic, fresh cucumber, and many others to the leaves of Black Gyumurdzhinska Lettuce. Season with olive or sunflower oil, add some spices and your salad is ready.

The lettuce finds a good application for garnishing meat dishes and fish delicacies. Its leaves are very suitable for it.

The Black Gyumurdzhi Lettuce is rich in vitamins, which makes it suitable for various diets and dietary regimes. Regular consumption of Bulgarian Lettuce is recommended during the spring to strengthen your immune system. The cellulose it contains makes it suitable for people who are trying to lose weight. It is also preferred for its abundance of vitamins and iron.

The team of Online Catalog Semenata.ORG can offer you, in addition to ordering these seeds, to try the following rich in vitamins recipe after growing them. You take a large Bulgarian Black Gyumurdzhinska Lettuce, tear it by hand, add cucumbers cut into small quarters, then add 2-3 small tomatoes, add an avocado, season with parsley, olive oil, salt, and serve for direct consumption. You choose the wine! See more organic red salad seeds.

  • Packet/ seeds amount: 2 g (about 1400 - 1800 organic seeds)

  • Sowing rate: 3 - 4 g for 100 sq.m.

  • Harvest: You can grow between 800 to 900 pieces of Black Gyumurdzhinska Lettuce at 100 sq.m.

  • Optimal time for sowing: For spring production - in January and February, for autumn-winter production -  in August and September.

  • Ideal time for transplanting seedlings: The seedlings are ready for planting in their permanent place after 30 to 40 days.

  • Cultivation scheme: In rows with a standard scheme of 30/20 cm.

  • Vegetation: The vegetation period of the Bulgarian Black Gyumurdzhinska Lettuce is 60 - 65 days.

  • Characteristics of the plant: Large rosettes with dark green leaves and weight about 250 - 300 g. It has a very appealing tast. 

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