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Premium seeds of Brussels Sprouts Mezzo Nano

Premium seeds of Brussels Sprouts Mezzo Nano
Premium seeds of Brussels Sprouts Mezzo Nano
  • Model: S00D242
  • Packing / number of seeds: 8 g.
  • Sowing rate: 60 to 70 grams of Brussels sprout seed per hectare.
  • Harvest.
  • Sowing period: 20.01 to 10.02 for early production, average 25.04. - 10.05 and later 5 - 15 June.
  • Seedlings are moved outdoors after frost. Usually in early April.
  • Cultivation scheme.
  • 150 - 165days .
  • Fruit characteristics: The variety is extremely tasty. It produces many small cabbages (2 to 2,5 cm in size) with a pleasantly appetizing green colour. Brussels sprouts are extremely crisp and very tasty.

A new and fresh offer from the online shop Seeds of Brussels sprouts - an extremely tasty variety. The vegetable is shaped into small cute heads, with a crispy taste and a lovely fresh green colour. The plant is an inexhaustible source of useful qualities, and its shape and size are impressive, which leads to the frequent use of cabbage in various dishes.

When we say small heads, we mean two to two and a half centimetres in size, but their small size is offset by the numerous green heads that form when grown well.

This interesting vegetable, although it is still new on the market in Bulgaria, along with broccoli and cauliflower, is fast becoming one of the most sought-after vegetables because of its taste and the way it looks. The plant has been grown in peridot for two years. The first year it reaches 60 centimetres of stem height and, as mentioned, many small cabbages. The second year of the Brussels sprout is devoted to collecting seed from it. This happens after you leave the cabbages, their stems flower and from there you collect the seeds.

In order to grow a robust and well-formed Brussels sprout, it is good to know a few things that will help you. For example, that the seeds of the vegetable are sown in deep, well-nourished soils, and it is a good option to fertilise them additionally with organic and mineral fertilisers respectively.

Useful information for you may be the following, in order to sow an area of one acre, 60 to 70 grams of Brussels sprouts seeds are needed. You may bear in mind that the growing period of the vegetable is long (150 - 165 days).

Sowing is carried out by seedlings. The distance at which the seedlings are placed is slightly greater 70 cm between the rows and about 30 - 40 cm between the plants in a row. It is important to give the cabbage a sunny spot from Brussels because it does not like shade.

Important to growing a good quantity and quality of Brussels Sprouts is that the top of the stem needs to be broken off to keep them from growing tall.

As the plants grow, you need to work the soil, keeping it loose, watering regularly to avoid leaving the vegetables dry.

In cooking, Brussels sprouts combine well with chestnuts, cream, bacon and, of course, other types of vegetables. The arranger of dishes with this interesting vegetable is beyond doubt. Apart from in salads in combination with vegetables and the combination with bacon and cream, the cabbage turns out quite well breaded.

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