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Seeds of Chinese Cabbage vegetable - tasty and beneficial

Seeds of Chinese Cabbage vegetable - tasty and beneficial
Seeds of Chinese Cabbage vegetable - tasty and beneficial

Online Catalog Semenata.ORG for vegetable and fruit seeds has enriched the list of vegetables offered in the store with the seeds of the Chinese cabbage variety Granaat, delivered to any place in Bulgaria.

Use premium quality seeds to grow beautiful cabbages with interesting cylindrical shapes and fresh green leaves. Perfect in taste and shape, the Granaat cabbages grow up to 35 to 40 cm long. Their crunchy, juicy, and tender leaves have a stunning deep green color and impress with their exceptional aroma.

Chinese cabbage is extremely popular in China. It is valued and preferred for its many useful qualities and taste. It is easy to prepare and consume. The best way to enjoy it is to eat it fresh. Combining Chinese cabbage with various vegetables is also a good idea.

You can prepare the vegetable in many different ways, you can put it in salads, starters, and main dishes.

The Chinese cabbage Granaat is popular for its abundance of important vitamins, iron, and more.

This beneficial and tasty vegetable combines perfectly with different types of cheese. In the end, you can turn the culinary challenge into a dressing.

Combined with other vegetables such as tomato and cucumber, the Chinese cabbage will enrich the taste of your salad. If you add green spices such as parsley and celery you will enrich the aroma of the dish and will increase the beneficial ingredients.

A few tips about its cultivation. In order to get a good quantity and quality of the production, follow the next advice.

First, it is good to estimate the time when you sow the seeds. This should happen from the 5th to the 15th of July.

To sow an area of one acre you need only 50 - 60 grams of seeds. The cabbage is grown outdoors. The soil needs to be enriched before sowing the seeds of the Chinese cabbage. You can add fertilizers to improve the growing conditions for the plants (see the list of fertilizers suitable for vegetables). Sow the seeds 1 cm deep in the soil. 

Don’t forget to water the seeds sufficiently. Regular humidity, but moderate, is very important for the development of the vegetable and for the subsequent harvest. If you overwater the soil there is a risk of root rot - similar to other vegetables and seedlings. 

For gardeners, growing vegetables, growing this delicious cabbage is especially enjoyable because it is not very demanding in terms of time and effort. This is also good for beginners. See more premium seeds of brussels sprouts online in our catalog for home and garden.

  • Packet/ seeds amount: 3 g (about 1380 seeds of Chinese Cabbage Granaat in 1 packet)

  • Sowing rate: About 50 to 60 g seeds of Chinese cabbage per 1 acre.

  • Harvest: -

  • Optimal time for sowing: Sow the seeds from February to June.

  • Ideal time for transplanting seedlings: -

  • Cultivation scheme: The Chinese cabbage is grown in rows. The distance between the rows is about 60 cm and between the plants - is 45 cm.

  • Vegetation: 70 to 75 days.

  • Characteristics of the plant: The Chinese Cabbage variety Granaat forms cylindrical heads, oblong, about 35 - 40 cm long. Excellent taste qualities, with light green thick leaves.

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