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Organic Lettuce Seeds May Queen with big heads

Organic Lettuce Seeds May Queen with big heads
Organic Lettuce Seeds May Queen with big heads
  • Model: SB0V974

Online lettuce seeds catalog Semenata.ORG offers organic seeds Lettuce May Queen. You can sow these seeds successfully at home and you will always have healthy and tasty lettuce. The variety is ready to harvest in early spring. The organic lettuce forms large green-yellow heads. The leaves are delicate with a pleasant taste.

Lettuce May Queen organic seeds can be sown at the end of February or the beginning of March indoors, i.e. under a polyethylene tunnel or in a greenhouse. Or you can sow them outdoors in April when the danger of frost has passed. The plants themselves must be planted at a distance of 30 by 20 cm from one another.

Once you have provided the May Queen organic lettuce with all the required growing conditions, you can harvest it in May - June.

The benefits of May Queen lettuce with big heads are numerous. If you still wonder whether you should grow it or not, you should know that this organic lettuce is very rich in cellulose. It helps for treating constipation and improves digestion. Use the inner leaves of the lettuce for this purpose by consuming them in a combination with apples. It provides benefits for people suffering from diabetes, insomnia, etc as well as for different diets. The lettuce contains exceptionally low calories and helps with the above-mentioned problems.

Another advantage of this lettuce is the easy and quick germination of the seeds. The most important care for the growing seeds is regular weeding. Keeping in mind the countless benefits that this variety of lettuce provides, there is no doubt that it is worth it ordering the seeds from Online Catalog Semenata.ORG now.

May Queen organic lettuce with big heads can be prepared in combination with many other vegetables. The best one is of course a combination of a cucumber, a tomato, and others to make different types of salads. Olives or olive paste can be used as a supplement and olive oil for seasoning. You can use different spices as well to make your salads healthier and fresher.

Another very tasty and healthy dish is potato soup, prepared with lettuce. When you are making potato soup add one organic May Queen big head of Lettuce at the end of the cooking. Just like other leafy greens, this lettuce can be used for cooking main dishes. 

An effective organic pest control method: Get rid of snails which often munch on the leaves by spreading well-dried hay around the grown plants. See more curly lettuce seeds for greenhouses.

  • Packet/ seeds amount: 1.5 g (about 1050 - 1350 organic seeds of lettuce in one packet) 

  • Sowing rate: Around 30 to 40 g seeds per 1 acre. Sow directly in the ground when the soil temperature is above 3 degrees Celsius.  

  • Harvest: This is a fast-growing variety. It is ready to harvest in 2 months after sowing the seeds.

  • Optimal time for sowing: From February till April.

  • Ideal time for transplanting seedlings: Direct sowing is recommended without pre-preparation of seedlings of the organic lettuce. 

  • Cultivation scheme: 20/30 cm.

  • Vegetation: From 45 to 60 days.

  • Characteristics of the plant: It forms big yellow-green heads with large appealing leaves, juicy and very tasty. 

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