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Large red radish seeds - crunchy with a very rich taste

Large red radish seeds - crunchy with a very rich taste
Large red radish seeds - crunchy with a very rich taste
  • Model: VSG0048
  • Packing / number of seeds: 10 g (about 1500 seeds).
  • Sowing rate.
  • Yield.
  • Sowing period: February to March.
  • Transplanting period. Sow seed in a permanent location.
  • Sow in rows. 50 cm between rows and about 10-20 cm between plants.
  • About 35 - 45 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Radishes are very large, round in shape, deep red in colour, very crisp and with great flavour.

It is our pleasure to introduce the next varieties of large red radish seeds. This is an early variety radish which is known for its vitamin C content. To be able to grow the large and crunchy radishes of this species, it is necessary to know that they develop best under plenty of sunlight. The other important thing for the rapid and successful development of the plant is to keep the soil moist. With enough light and moisture, large red radishes will develop quickly and you will be able to taste the delicious vegetable sooner.

As already mentioned, the seeds of the large red radish are for early production, which means sowing between February and March. The seeds do not need to be transplanted, but if they are sown very densely, they need to be thinned out so that they can get their round and large shape.

The soil in which they develop best is light, enriched with humus, when sowing the seeds it must be pre-moistened and this must be done days before sowing. The light should be direct. When placing the seeds in the pre-prepared rows, leave about 10 to 20 cm between them. The depth at which to sow the seed is about 2 cm.

You will need about 2 kg of red radish seed to sow an area of one acre. When the plants emerge from the soil, you need to weed and water regularly. Under good growing conditions, the vegetation period of large red radish is 35 to 45 days, in April-May you can harvest the finished product and enjoy large, round and bright-red radishes with a great taste. Once the radishes are removed from the soil, they are cleaned of leaves and the large red part is used.

Thanks to these red large radishes you can successfully fight off fatigue and stress. They contain many useful substances in this regard, namely a large content of vitamin C. Consuming radishes helps the kidneys to work. It also has a positive effect on the liver.

Large red radish can be grown not only professionally by vegetable growers, but also at home for your convenience and ease.

Their round shape and bright red colour make this popular vegetable a favourite with connoisseurs of professional cuisine. They are mainly used for direct consumption. They are interesting in shape and can therefore be combined with various vegetables to make specialities. Arrangements of large red radishes in culinary delights also work very well.

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