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Late tomato seeds Kamena Geo F1 with extra long fruit storage (6 - 7 weeks)

Late tomato seeds Kamena Geo F1 with extra long fruit storage (6 - 7 weeks)
Late tomato seeds Kamena Geo F1 with extra long fruit storage (6 - 7 weeks)
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The rich catalog of vegetables and modern gardens also includes late tomato seeds of the Kamena Geo F1 variety. This is a Bulgarian variety known for its taste qualities, high yields, and the fact that it is a tomato with incredibly long storage of the fruit - up to 6-7 weeks if it is picked by the wrist.

This local variety is especially in demand for places where there is a need for early maturing second crops and very high yields.

The Kamena Geo F1 tomato is notorious for being very hardy and hard, it keeps well for several weeks, and it is convenient for transport, storage, and trade. Because of all these qualities, this late tomato is highly represented in the commercial store network and in trade at the stalls of markets and fairs throughout the country. It is a sought-after product for those involved in the import and export of agricultural products in the country.

The variety is one of the high-growing varieties (indeterminate tomatoes) and is quickly loaded with quality tomatoes with proper care and attention, fertilization and irrigation.

According to the data from the catalog of the online catalog, the hybrid Bulgarian tomato of this type has a very high resistance to many pests and diseases, from which most of the other varieties distributed in our country suffer massively. These are verticillium, tobacco mosaic, and fusarium.

The late fruits of the Kamena Geo F1 variety ripen and are ready for picking 60 to 80 days after planting. They are harvested on whole wrists. The fruit does not have the characteristic green rings that some of the other varieties of our tomatoes have. It has a characteristic oval flattened shape, a very attractive taste, and a rich tomato smell.

15 to 20 grams of Kamena Geo F1 seeds are quite enough to sow one acre of agricultural land if you are thinking of preparing seedlings afterward.

In their average production, the seed is sown in the period from March to April.

Seedlings are planted in the period of May and June. At the same time, a distance of 80-90 centimeters must be left from row to row and 40 centimeters from plant to plant in each row, for better ventilation and nutrition of the plantations and to guarantee a good yield at the end of their development.

It is good to grow them on stakes, using the single-stem method, and with 6 to 8 of their bunches. See more tomato seeds hybrid in the modern catalog for gardening Semenata Org.

The yields of this tomato reach 10 to 12 tons per hectare.

Cut / number of seeds: 50 pcs. seeds, 250 pcs. seeds, 1000 pcs. seeds and 2500 pcs. seeds.

Sowing rate: From 15 to 20 grams per hectare.

Harvest: From 10 to 12 tons per hectare.

Sowing period: In March and April.

Planting period: In May and June.

Cultivation scheme: The late tomato is grown on stakes, single-stemmed in rows. The scheme is 80-90/40 cm in 6 - 8 bunches, with each bunch forming 6 - 8 flowers. Perfect for greenhouses and late-field production.

Vegetation: 60 - 80 days.

Fruit Characteristics: Kamena Geo late tomatoes are known for their great fruit. They are flat and round, intense red in color, very tasty, and very firm. The fruit is harvested in whole bunches and can be stored for up to 6-7 weeks almost without affecting its taste and commercial appearance. The variety is highly resistant to transportation. 

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