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Super early ripening hybrid tomato variety Dorina F1 - very sweet

Super early ripening hybrid tomato variety Dorina F1 - very sweet
Super early ripening hybrid tomato variety Dorina F1 - very sweet
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Online garden catalog for tomato delicious seeds brings to the attention of its customers and readers seeds of an early-ripening hybrid tomato variety Dorina F1. It forms fruits with an exceptional commercial appearance and a very sweet taste. Production of hybrid early-ripening tomatoes can be industrial, given the delicious, deep red tomatoes that are produced.

Another good prerequisite for choosing the early-ripening Dorina F1 by vegetable growers is the high yield of tomatoes of this variety.

The selected varietal seeds of the early maturing hybrid tomatoes can be sown in a tunnel and in a greenhouse or greenhouse of any possible type. In addition, the tomato gives good yields when grown outdoors for early field production.

To sow one acre of land, you will need 15 to 20 grams of seeds.

It is best to sow in the months of February and March. The soil in which you will sow must be fertile. When you proceed to place the seedlings in the ground, you must ensure that it does not dry out. Moderate and regular watering is also best for the good development of young plants.

Planting the seedlings of this Bulgarian early hybrid tomato should be done in the months of April and May. The distance from row to row should be about 80 centimeters, and between individual plants about 40 centimeters. Dorina F1 hybrid tomatoes need staking.

By observing these specifics, you will be able to provide a good environment for the care of early-ripening tomatoes.

Tomatoes are usually harvested after about 30-40 days from sowing. They reach sizes weighing from 140 to 160 grams, i.e. they are medium in size, highly saturated in red color, aromatic, and very sweet.

The finished product will pleasantly surprise you with an exceptional yield, from 8 to 10 tons of tomatoes will be obtained from a hectare of plantations with good agricultural techniques. Red sweet vegetables have the good advantage of ripening together and being relatively uniform in shape. So they are easily available for export. They are also shiny and hard with a very good appearance. Exporting them is a good solution for popularizing Bulgarian vegetables, in particular hybrid and early-ripening Dorina F1 tomatoes.

Another big plus of the Dorina F1 hybrid tomato variety for early production is that they develop very quickly and produce fruit in 30 to 40 days. Their stems are strong and strong and very sparsely leafy (this helps the fruit to ripen harmoniously). They are planted single-stemmed, leaving 4 to 5 inflorescences. The variety is resistant to tobacco mosaics.

Considering the perfect commercial appearance of tomatoes, they are very often used in cooking for decoration. A slice of the round tomato always whets the appetite.

In the summer, it is only natural to have a tomato on your table, so do not hesitate and order from the seeds of early maturing hybrid varieties Dorina F1 to have beautiful and tasty vegetables in the summer seasons. See more from our vegetable tomato seeds catalog – professional tomato seeds Stara Mechta.

Cut / number of seeds: 50 pcs. seeds, 250 pcs. seeds, 1000 pcs. seeds, 2500 pcs. seeds

Sowing rate: From 15 to 20 grams per hectare (through seedlings).

Yield: From 8 to 10 tons per hectare.

Sowing period: February and March.

Planting period: April and May.

Cultivation scheme: On stakes, such as the early-maturing hybrid tomato variety Dorina F1, is grown single-stem 80/35-40 cm on 3 - 5 inflorescences, leaving about 5 - 7 flowers on each inflorescence.

Vegetation: 30 - 40 days.

Characteristics of the fruit: The early ripening hybrid tomatoes of Dorina F1 varieties form round fruits that are of medium size (about 140 - 160 g weight), very firm with a deep red color. They have a tender inside and a very sweet taste. Resistant to transport and storage. 

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