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Tomato seeds resistant to diseases Riya F1 - Bulgarian selection from Geosem Select

Tomato seeds resistant to diseases Riya F1 - Bulgarian selection from Geosem Select
Tomato seeds resistant to diseases Riya F1 - Bulgarian selection from Geosem Select
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Online home and modern garden catalog presents to its customers a new variety of tomato seeds resistant to diseases Riya F1 from Geosem Select. Tasty, large tomato, with a slightly elongated shape. It is ideal for early production.

Tomatoes from the Ria F1 selection of Geosem Select are relatively large, their skin is smooth and shiny. They are also preferred because of the great resistance of the fruit to various diseases affecting tomatoes, such as tobacco mosaic, fusarium, and verticillium. Their firmness is also a good prerequisite for choosing this variety of disease-resistant tomatoes.

For vegetable growers, the Riya F1 variety is preferred because the tomatoes do not crack and can be stored for 8 to 10 days. This makes their choice logical in trade related to exports.

The other thing that attracts vegetable lovers and growers is the high yield you will get from this disease-resistant tomato variety. You can harvest 8 to 10 tons of vegetables from one hectare of land.

Good yields suggest the use of tomatoes in different varieties - for salad, juices, purees, and thickened tomatoes.

As mentioned, Riya F1 disease-resistant tomato seeds are ideal for early production. To sow 1 acre of the area with seeds, you will need only 15 to 20 grams of varietal seeds.

Sow the seeds of hybrid tomato varieties of Geosem Select - Ria F1 from February to March, of course indoors. The seeds have a high germination rate, which will please any potential grower.

The distance between the rows should be 80 centimeters and between the seedlings themselves about 35 to 40 centimeters. When planting seedlings outdoors, you should place one support per plant. The inflorescences should be from 4 to 5 pieces.

The growing season is about 90 to 100 days. You can pick the ready tomatoes in the summer months - June, July, and August. This is especially convenient if you wish to grow home crops and benefit from the irresistible delicious Bulgarian tomatoes.

Online store strongly recommends you order this Bulgarian variety of tomatoes from the Geosem Select company, trusting the high quality of the seeds and the resulting product.

Delicious tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption, like most types of Bulgarian tomatoes. The combination of different types of vegetables enriches the taste of the created food and diversifies the diet.

The combination of the delicious red tomato with a pleasant aroma goes very well with different types of cheeses and yellow cheeses. Naturally, we, the team, prefer Bulgarian-quality dairy products, but we also combine Bulgarian varieties of tomatoes, for example, with Mozzarella. If you are a lover of foreign cuisine, you can also do experiments.

The traditional cuisine is successful and popular among the guests of our country. Offering disease-resistant Ria F1 red tomatoes from Geosem Select on your table will always make an impression and be the pride of your home. See more from our modern vegetable seeds – supermini cherry tomato seeds.

Cut / number of seeds: 50 pcs. seeds, 250 pcs. seeds, 1000 pcs. seeds, 2500 pcs. seeds.

Sowing rate: From 15 to 20 grams per hectare.

Yield: From 8 to 10 tons per hectare.

Sowing period: February - March.

Planting period: From April to May.

Cultivation scheme: Stake or no-stake (semi-determinate self-rooting after 4-6 tillers) 80 X 35-40, single-stemmed with 4-5 inflorescences.

Vegetation: 50 - 60 days. They bear fruit from June to August.

Fruit characteristics: Round to slightly elongated and large fruits 200 - 250 g, appetizing bright red color, very smooth surface, and non-bursting. The tomato has great taste qualities.

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