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Tomato seeds hybrid Kom F1 - great taste

Tomato seeds hybrid Kom F1 - great taste
Tomato seeds hybrid Kom F1 - great taste
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Catalog for modern tomato seeds offers from its rich catalog to all its numerous current and future customers seeds of the greenhouse tomato hybrid Com F1.

The variety is of the mid-early ripening and grows freely in height, laden with fruit. In addition to the greenhouse, this tomato is also particularly suitable for viewing outside in open production areas.

From 15 to 20 grams of seed is enough to sow one acre of agricultural area, assuming you are going to make seedlings. About 4,000 of the plants are recommended to be planted per acre for their optimal development throughout the period.

In the case of early sowing in a heated greenhouse made of polyethylene for greenhouses, the seed is sown from December 18 to 20. If the greenhouse is not heated, this happens from January 5 to 7, according to the experience of the specialists from our online catalog for home and modern garden

Specialist vegetable growers advise, when sowing the seeds of hybrid Com F1 tomatoes, to use for this purpose the special containers for the preparation of seedlings or in small pots. They are filled in advance with prepared substrates, manufactured for this purpose. You must ensure that the temperature limits during seed germination are in the range of 26 to 28 degrees.

The soil must be kept constantly moist without overwatering for optimal growth and development of the sown seeds and to prevent the appearance of mold and rotting processes.

As soon as the germination reaches its final stages, it needs slightly lower temperatures and it is good that they are within the limits of 19 to 20 degrees during the day and from 16 to 18 degrees at night, according to the data of our online catalog

Diving in a heated greenhouse is done when the first two leaves of the plants appear, and the period for this is on the 14th day of January, and the temperature limits during the day should be around 20 degrees and at night around 17 degrees.

You can take the seedlings to their permanent places from February 15 to 20.

In a greenhouse, which is not heated, picking is done on February 2 and planting is in the permanent places of the tomato plantations from the middle of March onwards.

The way to look at hybrid Kom F1 tomatoes is on stakes, keeping a distance of 80 centimeters from row to row, and from plant to plant of 35 centimeters in the case of single-stem tomatoes.

These delicious tomatoes produce abundantly from July to September. See more black cherry tomato seeds from our catalog.

Their yields reach 10 to 12 tons of tomatoes per hectare.

A big plus of the Kom F1 type tomato is its high resistance to a number of diseases - tobacco mosaic, verticillium, and fusarium, and it also has tolerance to the nematode.

Cut / number of seeds: 50 pcs. tomato hybrid Kom F1 seeds are available in one package, 250 pcs. seeds, 1000 pcs. seeds and 2500 pcs. seeds.
Sowing rate: From 15 to 20 grams per 1 decare in tomato seedling cultivation.
Harvest: From 10 to 12 tons per hectare.
Sowing period: Recommended March - April, but can be earlier for greenhouse production.
Planting period: May - June.
Cultivation scheme: 80/40 cm. Stake, single stem, row. This variety of hybrid tomatoes is grown in 6 - 8 bunches with 6 - 8 flowers each.
Vegetation: 60 - 80 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: Medium-sized (180 - 200 g), round and smooth with a red color and great hardness, and excellent taste. 

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