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Seeds of early tomatoes for outdoors and greenhouses Elina F1

Seeds of early tomatoes for outdoors and greenhouses Elina F1
Seeds of early tomatoes for outdoors and greenhouses Elina F1
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Online catalog for modern home and garden is pleased to offer its customers the new seeds of early outdoor tomato varieties Elina F1, which are also suitable for mid-early greenhouse cultivation. The hybrid development is the work of the breeders of the company Geosem Select, who have proven themselves with indisputable quality in the discovery of new, special, better seeds of Bulgarian varieties of tomatoes.

Deserving attention from anyone who loves vegetables and their own production, the Elina F1 variety is a great choice for the garden. Forms a medium-early ripener in sheltered buildings under nylon covers, but is also suitable for early harvesting outdoors.

Tomatoes of the variety in question are extremely productive. This is also the reason for the growing interest in early tomato seeds for outdoor production Elina F1 (officially entered the variety list in 2010).

The relatively new tomato on the market is one of the lower-growing semi-determinant varieties (self-rooting after 5-6 bunches). But this should not deceive you that you will be looking at it without supporting stakes (supports, rods).

As you might guess, like every specially selected hybrid variety from Geosem Select tomato, this one is resistant to diseases such as tobacco mosaic, verticillium, and fusarium. This has been achieved again thanks to our specialists with many years of experience in the field.

To know what you will get from the varietal seeds of early varieties of tomatoes for outdoor Elina F1, let us tell you - the fruits have high hardness, and they are very red in color, reaching a weight of up to 130 grams, even up to 150 grams.

So you can already guess how tomato varieties Elina F1 ranks in one of the first positions when it comes time to choose early tomatoes for outdoors.

Traders who export tomato production from our country have preferences for the variety precisely because of all these positive features of tomatoes.

The hard, non-bursting fruit increases the possibility of storing Elina F1 for longer periods of time, compared for example to other varieties for fresh consumption. Their durability is preferred for long-distance transportation, we are not only looking at delivering them to our home markets but also exporting to foreign countries.

It is true that growers are interested in Elina F1, but this does not mean at all that those who love the home comfort created by the vegetable garden in the yard cannot take advantage of the offer of the Online catalog for modern garden and home

You can always make room for them in the designated space for the mouth-watering vegetable (actually a Fruit).

If you decide to make the right choice by ordering these GeosemSelect seeds from, we will give you some guidelines for growing them.

First of all, know that the sowing of the seeds of the early varieties of tomatoes begins in January and continues in February for indoor spaces (greenhouse production). This time is set for the beginning of the preparation of seedlings.

After the strengthening of the young plants, you can proceed to plant them in their permanent places. The suitable months are spring March and April (outdoors after the danger of frost has passed).

We will explain here a little about the method of arranging the grown tomato plants. When you have already made the order in which you will sow the seedlings of tomato varieties for outdoor cultivation and greenhouse Elina F1, put the plants 35 centimeters apart. Make the beds themselves approximately eighty centimeters from each other.

This way you will be sure that you have left enough area for the development of the Elina F1 tomato.

Growing is done with the help of stakes, tying the main stem to them. Only one central stem is left and 5-6 sprigs along it. Leave a maximum of six colors each. See more seeds of Bulgarian tomato varieties.

Cut / number of seeds: 50 pcs. seeds, 250 pcs. seeds, 1000 pcs. seeds, 2500 pcs. seeds 
Sowing rate: 20 - 25 grams per hectare, 3500-4000 pcs. plants per acre.
Yield: From 10 to 12 tons per hectare.
Sowing period: During the months of January and February to April.
Planting period: During the months of April and May.
Cultivation scheme: Single-stemmed with the help of supports, 80x40 cm, on 5-6 spikes, each with 5-6 flowers,
Vegetation: Fruits from May to June when the seeds are sown outdoors.
Fruit characteristics: Round with great fruit hardness, bright red color whose green ring disappears completely when ripening, size 130-150 g, very long-lasting. Good taste qualities. 

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