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Special selection of Lilliput cherry tomato seeds F1 - very sweet and fertile (spineless variety)

Special selection of Lilliput cherry tomato seeds F1 - very sweet and fertile (spineless variety)
Special selection of Lilliput cherry tomato seeds F1 - very sweet and fertile (spineless variety)
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In the rich catalog of delicious tomato seeds, there is also a special selection of red Lilliput F1 cherry tomato seeds, which are always available to our many current and future customers.

Mini tomatoes belong to the hybrid varieties, give a large yield, and the plantations are literally showered with fruits. They weigh a maximum of 15 to 20 grams each, have a pleasant sweet taste, and are very sugary. They are winners of many prestigious awards in the industry.

Despite their small size, cherry tomatoes are very durable after peeling, and easy to store and transport. They are also a frequent object of trade in the store network and at stalls in markets and fairs, as well as import and export of agricultural products by people in the industry.

It is best to use the seeds of this cocktail variety of tomatoes for early sowing, both indoors in a greenhouse or greenhouse, and outside in open agricultural areas, according to the experience of the specialists from our online store over the years.

Although small, Lilliput F1 cherry tomatoes are resistant to fusarium, nematode, and verticillium.

These Red Lilliput F1 cherry tomatoes produce abundant fruit as long as you place them in full sun and warmth and the soil is draining and rich in essential nutrients.

They are also used to make fresh salads in combination with other vegetables, fruits, or cheeses, and for an interesting decoration to other foods and cocktails.

According to the instructions in the online lawn seeds catalog catalog, you need 30 to 40 grams of seeds to sow a hectare of agricultural land. However, you should be aware that Lilliput F1 tomato plants should be 1,390 to 1,500 per hectare of production area to ensure optimal nutrition and development.

In a greenhouse or greenhouse, mini tomatoes are sown from the 25th of January to the 10th of March in a temperature range of at least 15 degrees, planting them 1 to 1.5 centimeters deep in the soil.

Outside, in open agricultural areas, sowing is done throughout the month of April, after the frosts and the danger they bring to the crops have passed.

Tomato seedlings are planted in the last days of April. In doing so, you must leave a distance of 120 centimeters from row to row and 60 centimeters from plant to plant inside each row.

Their vegetation period lasts only from 110 to 115 days. See more yellow cherry tomato seeds.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.15 g seeds of a special selection of Lilliput F1 thornless cherry tomatoes in one package.
Sowing rate: 30 to 40 grams per acre. (about 1390 to 1500 plants per acre)
Vintage: An extremely fertile variety.
Sowing period: In a greenhouse from January 25 to March 10, outside in April after frost.
Planting period: At the end of April.
Cultivation scheme: A yellow cherry variety that can be grown 80-120/ 35-40 cm. Or with a 120/60 cm scheme - staked, single-stemmed in a greenhouse made of Israeli polyethylene or outside.
Vegetation: From 110 to 115 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: Red cherries form medium-sized fruits weighing about 20 - 30 g. They are deep red in color, round, and extremely sweet. Cherry is very resistant to transport and storage. Keeps aroma and taste qualities for a long time. 

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