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Gherkin seeds Delicacy - delicious for salad and canning

Gherkin seeds Delicacy - delicious for salad and canning
Gherkin seeds Delicacy - delicious for salad and canning
  • Model: OPAL078

Cut/number of seeds: 2 g (about 70 - 90 seeds of the variety of Delicacy gherkins in one package) and 5 g (175 - 225 seeds).
Sowing rate: From 150 to 250 grams of seed per acre.
Sowing period: Early sowing – 15.04. – 10.05., late – 20.06.-05.07.
Planting period: April.
Cultivation scheme: Early sowing - 80+20/10 cm, late - 100+20/5-10 cm.
Vegetation: From 40 to 45 days.
Fruit Characteristics: Delicacy gherkins form richly coloured fruits covered with tiny warts. They are fragile and crunchy, without bitterness. They have excellent taste and are suitable for fresh consumption and canning. On average, they reach about 9 - 12 cm in length.
The team of online garden store serenata. org has added another variety of small cucumbers to its diverse and rich catalogue of vegetable plants. You can already have Delicacies gherkin seeds, thanks to our order platform dementia. org. A delicacy is known for the characteristic fragility of the fruits, with a fresh taste, without the bitterness of gherkins.

The consumption of varietal cucumbers is mostly fresh, you can eat the gherkins immediately after picking them. In a variety of salads, cucumbers are the main ingredient. Combine the small Delicacy cucumbers with numerous vegetables for a richer taste. The combination of types of vegetables will bring you enough useful substances. A summer salad, in the composition of which we have gherkins, is present on the table of every household.

Bearing in mind that the numerous ingredients of varietal fruits are a huge store of minerals and vitamins, your body absorbs enough healthy substances. By eating vegetables combined with gherkins, you inevitably strengthen your immunity.

Particularly popular with the Delicacies variety, more precisely its application, are the canned fruits of the vegetable plant. For preparing winter food, gherkins are ideal. Besides alone in jars, it is possible to combine it with other vegetable products and spices. You get great pickles to munch on during the cold winter days.

A good aspect of the delicious Delicacies gherkins is the high yield of the variety. Thanks to the rich harvests, the variety is preferred by vegetable growers. Traders involved in the import and export of vegetable produce are also benefited from the yield. The vegetable is also favoured for its undoubtedly beautiful commercial appearance.

The seed of the variety is grown in open spaces and indoors, such as greenhouse buildings for example.

Sow the seeds when the last wave of frost has passed, which hurts the plantations. The danger of frost with earlier sowing is great.

Greenhouse buildings are a good option for the sowing procedure during the winter period.

The growing season of Delicacies lasts about 40 to 45 days. It is recommended to make the seedlings in separate suitable containers. Put the gherkin seeds in the ground at a depth of 1.5 to 3 centimetres.

In terms of shape, the fruits of the Delicacy gherkins have a cylindrical appearance, and their colour is deep green. The warts on the surface of the fruit are also characteristic of this variety.

Germination of the seed requires about 7 to 10 days, quite fast growth. For transplanting, you can orient yourself when you see the formation of at least 2 petals on the plant.

An important aspect of transplanting is its careful placement in the ground, protecting the root parts from breaking.

As a rule of thumb, you will need 400 to 450 grams of gherkin seeds to sow one acre of cultivated area. As mentioned in the above lines, wait for the establishment of warm weather, the seed needs a minimum of 15 degrees to show above the ground surface.

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