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Seeds of hybrid gherkins Ira F1 - super tasty with short fruits

Seeds of hybrid gherkins Ira F1 - super tasty with short fruits
Seeds of hybrid gherkins Ira F1 - super tasty with short fruits

Cut / number of seeds: 1.5 g (in one package you will get 52 - 67 seeds of hybrid gherkins Ira F1)
Sowing rate: From 400 to 450 g per hectare.
Sowing period: Early sowing – 15.04. – 10.05 and late sowing of the hybrid gherkin is in the period 20.06. - 05.07.
Planting period:-
Cultivation scheme: For early sowing, the scheme is 80+20/10 cm, for late - 100+20/5-10 centimeters.
Vegetation: From 50 to 60 days.
Fruit characteristics: Hybrid gherkins Ira F1 form extremely tasty fruits, sweet without bitterness. They are cylindrical in shape, dark green in color with light warts. The variety is known for short cucumbers with an average length of 7 - 8 cm. Very fragile in consistency and aromatic.

The garden store Semenata .Shop has added the next type of seed to its vegetable catalog - gherkins hybrid variety Ira F1 seeds. By adding another variety of cucumbers, we hope to please all our current and future customers and readers. This hybrid is extremely well received by every lover of gardening and more precisely of vegetable products. The fact that it ripens early makes it popular among vegetable growers, traders, exporters and importers of vegetable products.

It is a well-known fact that if you leave cucumbers without water, chances are that you will reduce their quality ingredients and they will start to become bitter at the very least. Like any species, Ira F1 also needs moisture, but the good thing is that these are varietal cucumbers that do not have bitterness in their taste.

Another thing you need to protect gherkins from is various disease conditions, but the variety Ira F1 is highly resistant in this case. This is another prerequisite to be preferred by anyone starting vegetable production.

Speaking of the need for water, there are already convenient devices for regular watering, which is the perfect option for regulating the amounts that the plants must absorb (drip irrigation systems).

Cucumbers are cylindrical gherkins, green in color. Their qualitative value is great, taking into account the fact that gherkins contain many vitamin and mineral substances.

Mostly eat the hybrid cucumber Ira F1 in fresh form. Mixed with other vegetables, you get a wonderful mix of useful and healthy ingredients. Through these combinations, your body will receive enough to strengthen the immune forces in the body. And the taste itself is undoubtedly full of freshness.

Another place as an application is canned gherkins. They are closed in jars independently, whole. Variations in combination with vegetables are also particularly common. The winter food that you will prepare finds a place in many dishes. Use them during the cold periods to make winter salads with a great sour taste.

You can grow the hybrid Ira F1 variety in open spaces or in closed ones (greenhouse). After making seedlings, before bringing them out to the yard selected places, first water the young plants. The sensitivity of seedlings to cold is great.

Consider whether or not to use wire fences, they will help with the entire growing procedure. Thus, you can more easily work the land under the plantations, and also collect the finished cucumbers. It is imperative to harvest the gherkins regularly to increase the harvest. Subsequent cucumbers will be able to develop on time and bear more fruit.

The vegetation of the Ira F1 variety lasts from 50 to 60 days. Regular fertilization of the plants favors the strengthening of the roots, which has a positive effect on the whole plant, which feeds the fruits.

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