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Original Lemon Cucumber Seeds - Freshness and Exoticism for Your Garden

Original Lemon Cucumber Seeds - Freshness and Exoticism for Your Garden
Original Lemon Cucumber Seeds - Freshness and Exoticism for Your Garden
  • Model: SB0P729
  • Packing / number of seeds: 1.5 g (about 45 original cucumber seeds Lemon has in one pack)
  • Sowing rate: Between 180 and 200 grams of seeds per 1 acre.
  • Yield.
  • Sowing period.
  • Planting period.
  • Seeds are sown 100/15 in 1.5 cm into the soil.
  • 57 to 60 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Lemon-shaped, round and yellow, with smooth skin.

Our Online store offers from its catalog to all its current and future customers, the seeds of the cucumber-lemon.

The exotic cucumber is not only delicious, but also has a high decorative value because of its unusual and extravagant shape and color. It is yellow and round, has a lemon shape and colouring, its skin is thin and smooth.

The lemon cucumber is of the medium-early type and can be eaten fresh and crisp, when just picked from the stem, but also canned for winter use.

The seeds are sown in May and only 180 to 200 grams of them are enough to cultivate 1 hectare of productive farmland. Sow about 1,5 cm deep in the soil. Cucumber-lemon prefers soil and thoroughly drained soil previously treated with fertiliser. It is good to irrigate regularly and with more water. Look out for vegetable pests, weeds and the usual diseases that cucumbers suffer from.

The seedlings are taken outside to their permanent places and pickled in June. You should keep a plant-to-plant distance of 100/15, explain the experts from our Online Shop

The lemon cucumber adorns every corner where it is grown with its unusual shape and colour. It is also delicious and aromatic. On top of that, cucumbers of this type are very useful, contain a number of vitamins and are used to stimulate the work of the digestive tract, for the metabolism of substances in the body, for many diets, especially summer, stimulate hair growth and so on.

In the process of cucumber-lemon development, its vegetation cycle lasts on average 57 to 60 days. Fruiting usually takes place between July and September if you take optimum care of the crop. In this case, the exotic cucumber produces rich yields of unusual, brightly coloured and tasty fruit, according to the statistics in the vegetable catalogue of our Semena shop BG. They have a very fresh taste, they are of the generic variety, and their flavour is very specific and you would hardly mistake it for the flavour of any other cucumber that is looked after by professional vegetable growers and amateur gardeners in our country.

Many professional chefs use the lemon cucumber on their restaurant menus to prepare an unusual salad with distinctive colors, flavors and shapes. However, the vegetable is also used by the average homemaker and brings variety to the kitchen and yard.

The cucumber-lemon is successfully combined with most of the other vegetables grown in our country, such as the tomato, pepper, dill, onion and garlic, and even other varieties of cucumber. The result is a colourful, useful and tasty salad that can tempt anyone.

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