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Exotic Cucumber Melon Seeds - Unique Taste and Flavor

Exotic Cucumber Melon Seeds - Unique Taste and Flavor
Exotic Cucumber Melon Seeds - Unique Taste and Flavor
  • Model: S003736
  • Packing / number of seeds: 3 g (about 84 - 100 cucumber melon seeds per pack)
  • Sowing rate: Per 1 acre 180 to 200 g of melon cucumber seeds.
  • Yield.
  • Sowing period.
  • May.
  • Sow 1.5 cm into the soil and the seed spacing is 100/5.
  • From July to September.
  • Fruitingcharacteristics: The cucumber produces oblong fruits of green colour. They have a very interesting cucumber flavour, crisp and firm fruits with the shape and appearance of melons.

The Seeds.Shop catalogue also includes melon cucumber seeds, which is still an exotic fruit for our latitudes, increasingly in demand by many of our current customers.

The specially selected variety has a rich aroma, great taste and resembles the appearance of a melon. It is of the medium-early variety type, has a medium length and is slightly oblong and coloured fresh green and has a soft moss on its thin skin. With proper care, although not particularly demanding, the melon-looking variety of cucumber produces consistently high yields that delight home vegetable growers who have decided to grow just such cucumbers.

It is sown in early spring, preferably in March. new semena shop bg

The sowing of melon cucumber seeds takes place in March, April and May. For one acre of productive farmland, 180 grams of cucumber-beetroot seeds are all you need. These are placed 1.5 centimetres into the soil, keeping a distance of 100/5 between the seeds.

The seedlings are planted outdoors in their permanent area sometime in May, which is the best time for this operation. With proper care, the plant develops vigorously and quickly produces quality fruit that can be eaten fresh raw or, if you wish, experimented with canning for the cold winter months.

In a southern country such as Italy, the melon cucumber prefers a warm and well-drained soil, rich in essential nutrients or enriched in good time with a specialised fertiliser suitable for the purpose, as we have in our online shop Semenata.SHOP. Cucumber requires regular and generous irrigation during all periods of its development. You should also keep an eye out for the appearance of cucumber pests and the corresponding diseases, so that you can take the necessary measures against them and protect your planting in order to have a good and quality harvest of a tasty vegetable with an unusual appearance.

It is its taste, its crunchiness and its melon-like appearance that make this exotic southern cucumber so much in demand for the exotic and unusual dishes such as salads, side dishes and hors d'oeuvres that attract the curiosity of sophisticated gourmets and chefs in the kitchens of renowned restaurants.

The useful ingredients of the exotic cucumber stimulate our digestion as well as the metabolism of our body. It is particularly suitable for our summer diets, as well as a curious addition to our menu throughout the active summer season, when it bears fruit from July to September.

You can always find the seeds of the cucumber-quince in the catalogue of our online shop and pleasantly surprise your family, neighbours and guests by serving them a salad with an unfamiliar and highly attractive taste and not so typical appearance.

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