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Momordica - bitter melon seeds - an exotic with a unique taste and beneficial properties

Momordica - bitter melon seeds - an exotic with a unique taste and beneficial properties
Momordica - bitter melon seeds - an exotic with a unique taste and beneficial properties

Cut / number of seeds: 2 g - about 10 pcs. Momordica seeds (bitter melon) are contained in one packet.
Sowing rate: 200 grams of seeds for 1 decare of production area are needed.
Sowing period: Between March 20 and May 20.
Planting period: From March 20 to May 20.
Cultivation scheme: The distance between the beds is 60 centimeters, and from plant to plant 40 centimetres. They look at structures.
Vegetation: From 80 to 90 days.
Fruit Characteristics: Momordica is a plant that produces extremely exotic and strange looking fruits. They are rough and oblong, used in the green state (before ripening). The taste is bitter and has a very interesting aroma. It is consumed after heat treatment in various dishes. Bitter melon is extremely rich in many vitamins and useful minerals.
Momordica seeds (bitter melon) are now part of the rich catalog of the online center for gardeners An extremely exotic plant that will surprise you with its unique qualities.

Momordica belongs to the winding plant species of the pumpkin genus and is liana-like. It is known for its exceptional usefulness for the human body. Because of this, it is highly valued, especially on the Asian, South American and African continents, and recently also in our country, where it is still a rare exotic and has yet to develop its full potential.

Momordika, which is still unusual for us, strongly resembles in appearance the cucumbers common to our geographical latitudes, used for canning. Vegetables of this variety have a strong bitter taste and are very aromatic. Their fruit is rough and oblong in shape. Because of their bitter taste, the fruits of the Momordica are also called "bitter melons" and are valued precisely for this reason.

The strange thing is that Bitter Melons are only edible when they are still green before they begin to ripen. Their consumption is possible, however, only after they have been heat treated. Usually, the fruit of the Momordica is boiled, fried, baked, even cooked in soup, the fruits are also suitable for preserves, like cucumbers, although a little different because of their bitter taste.

In the spring type of viewing, you only need 200 grams of Momordica seeds for 1 decare of productive agricultural area. Sow about 2.5 to 4 centimeters deep into the soil for best results. For seedlings, it is sown in early spring - from March 20 to around May 20.

Bitter melon seedlings are planted between March 20 and May 20 in their permanent outdoor locations. The plant is facing outwards, and from bed to bed you need to leave a distance of about 60 centimeters, and from plant to plant inside each bed the distance needs to be about 40 centimeters to have airiness and space for the liana-like plant to develop. Also provide a support structure as bitter melons are creepers.

The vegetation of the unusual Momordica lasts from 80 to 90 days after sowing the varieties and seeds. This happens in the temperature range of about 20 degrees Celsius. It yields between the months of July and October.

Although an unfamiliar exotic to most of us, watching Momordika is not that complicated as the practices are similar to those used when watching cucumbers. Provide bitter melons with humus, loose and nutrient-rich soils. If necessary, you can always season the soil with special fertilizers used for vegetables. Water the crops regularly, but without overwatering them, so that the soils are constantly slightly moist, without allowing drought, which can destroy the Momordica completely.

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