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Gherkin seeds Krak F1 - extremely crunchy and tasty

Gherkin seeds Krak F1 - extremely crunchy and tasty
Gherkin seeds Krak F1 - extremely crunchy and tasty

Cut/number of seeds: 1 g. (35 - 45 seeds of a delicious variety of gherkins Krak F1)
Sowing rate: From 400 to 450 grams of seeds per hectare of agricultural area is needed.
Sowing period: Early sowing – 15.04. – 10.05., late 0 20.06. – 07.05.
Planting period: After the end of April.
Cultivation scheme: At a depth of 1.5 to 3 centimetres, using wire structures.
Vegetation: From 58 to 60 days.
Fruit Characteristics: Leg F1 produces delicious fruits that are extremely tender and crunchy 6 - 9 cm long. They have green stripes on the skin of the fruit and medium-sized warts. Very good proportion in terms of length and width of the cucumber. Suitable for fresh consumption and canning.
Garden store serenata. bg has added a variety of seeds of Krak F1 gherkins. Especially for lovers of vegetable crops, for all our current and future customers, offers the ordering of seeds in an easy and convenient option with fast delivery.

The variety Krak F1 is a medium-early crop, like the rest of the cucumbers of the family, ideal in size and quality. Gherkins of the variety are suitable for canning for the winter months. If you like pickles, you can use cucumbers in different variations. To begin with, closing the fruit yourself is a good approach. This type of canned gherkins can be eaten straight from the jar. Of course, you can always experiment with different types of salads, including those in which you can also put meat, for example, chicken.

As a result, you get a powerful, filling salad with a unique taste. In addition to the meat, add other vegetables, such as boiled potatoes and milk peas for example. The combination of vegetable ingredients and pickles in one enriches every dish. The correct shape of Krak F1 cucumbers makes the vegetable ideal for canning. You know that crooked cucumbers are not suitable for putting in jars.

The upright vegetables attract vegetable growers and traders involved in the import and export of vegetable products. Their commercial type also places them well in our Bulgarian markets. The strips located on the surface of the vegetable also attract curious glances.

Gherkins are extremely heat-loving. Their perfect development is due to degrees around 25. If it is too cool or too warm, the flowers start to dry.

Good soil conditions, of course, should not be neglected at all. Work the ground well, especially deep, before sowing the seed (you can see our suggestions for fertilizers for vegetables).

As you may know, gherkin cucumber varieties love water and need more watering to nourish their fruit. Leg F1 is no exception to the rule. When the small gherkins form, more watering is required. To accelerate development, fertilize with the appropriate fertilizer mixtures.

Regarding watering, there are special devices (automatic irrigation systems with drip hoses) that are already often used, for uniform and sufficient moistening of vegetable plantations. They are easy to use and relieve you of some of the burden.

Considering the creeping nature of Krak F1 plants, use wire support structures for easier handling.

For sowing an area of 1 decare, prepare 400 to 450 g of seeds. Do the early sowing from 15.04. until 10.05. From 20.06. – 07.05. it is time for the late seeding procedure.

Place the seed about 1.5 to 3 centimetres into the ground.

Vegetation lasts from 58 to 60 days.

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