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Pepper seeds Familia - Bulgarian and very tasty white capia variety

Pepper seeds Familia - Bulgarian and very tasty white capia variety
Pepper seeds Familia - Bulgarian and very tasty white capia variety
  • Model: OPAL477
  • Packing/number of seeds: 1 g (approx. 150 Bulgarian Familia pepper seeds), For 2022 the 5 g, 10 g and 50 g packings are sold out.
  • Sowing rate: 150 to 180 grams of seed per hectare, 170 to 200 grams for super-early and medium-early production, 180 grams per hectare for direct sowing.
  • Yield.
  • Sowing period: Super-early sowing - early February, medium-early - March.
  • After frost.
  • For super-early, early and medium-earlycultivation .
  • Vegetation: About 110 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Hanging fruits, pale green at early stage of development and dark green at maturity. Pepper Familia is a direct capsicum-type pepper variety with a dense and fleshy texture. Ideal for fresh eating, roasting, frying and freezing.

Online shop семена шоп бг has added to its rich catalog of vegetable products seeds of pepper Familia. The Bulgarian variety of green capsicum is famous for its extremely high yields. Its popularity is also due to the fact that it is a native variety that has proven its excellent fruit quality.

If you choose to grow the Familia variety, know that production is for super-early, early and late yields.

There are several basic procedures involved in the development of Familia pepper. To begin with, sowing the seeds, preparing the seedlings, transplanting them, weeding the development sites, hoeing around the roots, watering and fertilizing in not particularly fertile soil conditions.

If you decide to look at the Familia variety for super-early yields, do it in a greenhouse. For this purpose, they must be heated. You could prepare the preliminary seedlings at home, in different containers chosen for the purpose.

The pepper variety Familia is also grown as an early crop. The heat-loving variety needs temperatures around 18 to 20 degrees Celsius to develop normally. If the temperature drops below these degrees, their development slows down.

The height to which the plants reach is 50 to 70 centimetres. In length they reach - from 18 to 22 centimetres, the weight of large green peppers is on average from 100 to 110 grams.

The fruits of the 'Familia' variety are of the caper type, semi-triangular in shape, fleshy and tender. In the initial stage of development, the fruit is coloured pale green, turning dark green when fully ripe. The density of the vegetables is very high, which allows the pepper to be cooked in any variety.

When raw, eat the green capers as a salad. Combining several vegetables in salads, especially during the summer months, helps your body get the nutrients it needs. Peppers contain vitamin C and other beneficial vitamins and nutrients. And you can enrich the taste by adding Familia green pepper to your favourite dish.

Officially, it is a type of white caper because of its light green colour at technical maturity. Like the rest of the pepper family of vegetables, the Familia variety is no exception in its use in canning, for example. Preserve and pickle peppercorns to make mouth-watering winter vegetables, remembering that this variety is also a great choice for freezing.

To preserve vegetables for longer, freeze them in a freezer, for example. Put them in whole and over-chopped, so you get the convenience of cooking different dishes or for salads when eaten fresh.

A pretty good reason for the demand for the Familia variety from vegetable growers is the pepper's resistance to high temperatures and to diseases common to peppers.

A tip from our home garden experts - don't sow your peppers in the same place every year. Peppers like fertile soils, if you use the spot again, add the appropriate fertilizer mixes as well.

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