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Tasty and red determinant Tomato seeds Kopnezh F1

Tasty and red determinant Tomato seeds Kopnezh F1
Tasty and red determinant Tomato seeds Kopnezh F1

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The online catalog for modern garden and home Semenata org the seeds of determinant tomatoes Kopnezh F1 thornless very tasty and red. This variety is for mid-early cultivation and has a great taste and the typical beneficial qualities of tomatoes. The variety is part of a special selection that aims to increase the antioxidant properties contained in Bulgarian tomatoes.

Determinant Longing F1 tomato seeds for no-peel cultivation can be sown for mid-early and late production. For mid-early production, the period is from the fifteenth of April to the fifteenth of May, and for late sowing - is from the fifteenth of May to the thirtieth of May.

The soil in which you will choose to sow must be fertile, well-drained, with more humus in its composition. The necessary depth at which the seeds should be sown is from 1 to 1.5 centimeters.

Plants that form as they grow have stable stems, with broad and long leaves. The fruit itself is round tomatoes, with a rich red color, and their taste is slightly sour and sweet at the same time. Tomatoes are relatively large and preferred mainly for fresh consumption.

The vegetation of Kopnezh F1 tomatoes is from 115 to 118 days, after which you can already enjoy the delicious tomatoes. Luscious large red tomatoes, in addition to being plump and fleshy, are extremely hardy. They do not crack and can be stored for a relatively long time. This implies growing them in large quantities for export or for trade in the domestic market.

The other reason why they are preferred by vegetable growers is that they give a very good yield of up to seven tons per acre. They are also a very good choice for commercial purposes.

In addition to export, tomatoes are also particularly suitable for canning, due to their fleshy structure and bright red color.

Appropriate and very characteristic of the Kopnezh F1 variety tomato is its use in all kinds of different dishes. Salads, sandwiches, canned tomatoes, purees, juices, and much more.

Perhaps these are one of the most used and popular vegetables grown in our gardens - determinate tomatoes. Growing for own production is convenient and very useful. The best way to have this famous Bulgarian tomato at hand is by ordering the seeds of determinant tomatoes Kopnezh F1 thornless and tasty right now, without hesitation from!

Enjoy the delicious and lycopene-rich Kopnezh F1 tomato. In this way, you will always be able to make a fresh and healthy salad and cook a delicious meal, knowing that you have grown your own produce.

Take advantage of our offer and order seeds of the Bulgarian tomato variety Kopnezh from the online catalog for vegetable seeds See more seeds of hybrid tomatoes.

The variety is resistant to verticillium and fusarium.

Cut / number of seeds: 0.2 g (about 50 - 52 seeds in a package)
Sowing rate: 20-25 grams per hectare.
Harvest: Up to 7 tons per hectare.
Sowing period: Middle sowing – 15.04 – 15.05, late sowing – 15.05 – 30.05.
Planting period: For mid-early harvest - 25.04 - 30.05, for late - 15.06 - 30.06.
Cultivation scheme: No stake single-row 140/25-30 cm or double-row 120+40/30-35 cm.
Vegetation: From 115 to 118 days.
Characteristics of the fruit: Round shape of the fruit, smooth on the surface, deep red color. The tomatoes are medium-sized with a weight of about 180 - 280 g, non-bursting, very fleshy, and without cellulose content, last but not least is the great taste of the Kopnezh F1 tomato. It is valued for fresh consumption and processing.

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