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Canning tomato seeds Rio Fuego - variety and for drying

Canning tomato seeds Rio Fuego - variety and for drying
Canning tomato seeds Rio Fuego - variety and for drying

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Part of the tomato seeds kingdom is the following Rio Fuego canning tomato seeds. The new acquisition in the catalog of the online catalog for modern home and garden is this wonderful variety of seedless tomatoes for canning and drying. The oblong fruits with deep red color are ideal for canning purees, whole tomatoes, and for juices.

Unlike, for example, yellow and pink tomatoes, Rio Fuego grows on much shorter stems. Tomatoes are drier and fleshier, which makes them suitable for canning in any form.

Although it is preferred for canning, its high taste qualities make it also successfully applied in the preparation of fresh salads and sandwiches. As an ingredient or addition to them.

In order to have a successful yield, it is good to keep in mind that the soil where you sow the Rio Fuego canning tomato seeds must be fertile. It is not advisable to grow it every year in the same place. If you will still be using the same spot in the garden, you can fertilize and enrich the soil accordingly with a good tomato fertilizer. Special fertilizers for tomatoes are used for this purpose.

Red and oblong tomatoes are grown both as seedlings and by direct sowing of the seed in a permanent place (direct sowing). If you want to have tomatoes for canning early in the summer, sow the seeds in a warm greenhouse between January twentieth and February twenty-fifth. Sundry tomato seeds need a minimum temperature of 15 degrees to germinate, so sow at higher temperatures. It is good to plant the prepared seedlings after "crossing the leaves" in separate pots.

Medium sowing (for mid-early production) is carried out in the month of March, the greenhouse should already be slightly warm, and if it is outdoors, you should put the seedlings under polyethylene.

To get tomatoes later, you will have to sow outside between April twenty-fifth and May tenth.

If you do not intend to transplant, you can sow the seeds in April after the danger of frost has passed directly into the soil.

When you make a seedling, before taking it out into the open to put it in the soil, it should be muddy for about a week. The passage of the frost period is awaited.

Due to its oblong shape, tomatoes Rio Fuego variety for canning and drying, are often used for decoration in cooking. Its fleshy structure allows it to be used for purees. Its spectacular color also contributes to this variety being valued and desired by professional chefs.

The most popular are the light summer salads prepared with delicious vegetables. Because of their taste and health benefits, canned tomato seeds such as the Rio Fuego red oblong tomato are preferred in a number of healthy diets.

Very often this variety is marinated and dried, for subsequent consumption and use in the preparation of various tasty and aromatic dishes.

A chosen variety of tomato seeds for canning, apart from its high productivity, also because of the fact that it is not a hybrid, but a direct tomato variety for stiltless cultivation. See more vegetable seeds from our modern home catalog – greenhouse pink tomato seeds.

Size/number of seeds: 1 g (250 - 350 seeds), 2 g, 5 g, 50 g (12500 - 17500 seeds), 100 g

Sowing rate: 150 grams per hectare - for open production with direct sowing, for production with seedlings for late harvest - from 30 to 40 grams, and for stakeless early and mid-early cultivation - from 25 to 30 grams.

Sowing period: Early sowing - 20.01 - 25.02, middle - March, late - 25.04 - 10.05.

Planting period: End of April, after the frosts.

Cultivation scheme: No stake, outdoors, can also be direct seeded. With seedlings: 80/120 X35/45 cm, without seedlings: 120+40/20 cm.

Vegetation: 110 days.

Characteristics of the fruit: Oblong fruits (80 - 120 g), bright red, hard, and fleshy (with a high content of dry matter), very tasty for drying and pickling.

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