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Leaf celery plant seeds - fragrant and easy to grow in a pot

Leaf celery plant seeds - fragrant and easy to grow in a pot
Leaf celery plant seeds - fragrant and easy to grow in a pot
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Online vegetable seeds catalog semenata org presents the next plant as part of the rich catalog of seeds of delicious spices. We are talking about the seeds of chervil (celery leaf, chervil, chervil), an aromatic and extremely used plant in cooking. Celery seeds can also be sown in pots. The leaf celery plant is in demand and a popular choice for growing spices at home.

If you are a beginner in sowing such plants, choose this spice for cultivation. As a level of cultivation, we can define it as one of the easier spices to grow, unlike the specific seeds of black pepper for example. When sowing in pots, you only need to estimate how many seeds should be sown, namely at what distances, for example. You don't have to strictly follow the absolute equal distances between the seeds, just take some seeds and sprinkle them in the container. Then bury them very lightly, so that they show through the soil and tamp with your hands. Water with a sprayer from above and very carefully. The important thing is not to dig up the seeds of the Leaf celery plant and not to dry or over-moisten them during the daily watering. Carefully monitor the soil reaction and spray if necessary. The soil layer in which you sowed the seeds should be moist, but not too wet. If you notice the presence of mold, definitely reduce watering.

You will gradually see the germination of the new young plants, which will burst the seeds and the seed coat will remain on their tips, which do not remove, because you can uproot the young sprouts. If you wish, you can plant them in your garden area designated for the purpose after they are established and grown.

Speaking of the herb itself, celery is a popular spice, especially used in salads and soups. Its beneficial properties are strongest, of course, when it is consumed fresh. If you finely chop celery and parsley, you will get a powerful salad full of vitamins.

The height reaches during growth is about 40 - 70 centimeters, convenient for viewing at home, in boxes for example.

The leaves of the spice are colored dark green, and the stalks are cone-shaped. Flowering is observed in July and August, and the flowers are then green.

You can easily sow your seed in the yard, not just at home.

For this purpose, take into account the sowing time, in open spaces sow in the months of April - May after the danger of frost has passed. For home conditions, you are free to sow whenever you want, ie. all year round indoors. 

Fresh leaves can be harvested from June to October.

Ordering the seeds is very easy through our online platform See more celery seeds and more early pea seeds.

Cut/number of seeds: 5 g of wild celeriac seeds in a package.
Sowing rate:-
Sowing period: In March and April in open spaces, indoors in pots indoors throughout the year.
Planting period: Not transplanted. Sow directly in a permanent location.
Cultivation scheme: Can be grown outdoors and in pots.
Vegetation: For about 125 - 130 days, after cutting the leaves grow very quickly.
Characteristics of the fruit: The leaves and stems are the parts that are used to flavor various dishes. Very strong pleasant aroma and rich green color.

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