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Onward early pea seeds - spring variety and for autumn (winter sowing) with excellent taste

Onward early pea seeds - spring variety and for autumn (winter sowing) with excellent taste
Onward early pea seeds - spring variety and for autumn (winter sowing) with excellent taste
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Garden pea spring variety Onward seeds can already be found in the Semenata org vegetable seed catalog. It is a plant of the Legume family, an annual, grown as a house crop all over the world. Our specialized agrarian shop for varietal seeds will introduce you to the advantages of this early pea variety, which is suitable for cooking, freezing, and canning.

The wild pea originated in the area of modern Syria, Turkey, and Jordan, where

seeds have been found in archaeological finds from the Neolithic era.

The spring Onward variety is sown in rows, with direct sowing from the end of February to the middle of March, depending on the climatic features. It uses the winter and early spring moisture in the soil for its growth. Prefers neutral or slightly alkaline soils. He does not tolerate high acidity. The surface of the soil is leveled well so that the peas are sown at a uniform depth, which is good to be about 5 to 8 cm. Again depending on the temperature characteristics in the spring, the pea crop can start to be harvested as early as the end of April, and may finish in June.

The spring garden pea variety Onward does not grow high, with an average height of about 40-45 cm. The pod of this variety is about 7 cm in size and contains about 6-7 oval and medium-sized peas. Peas are very good predecessors for all crops except legumes, and conversely can be planted after all non-legume crops. We recommend planting in one place at least every five years.

We recommend fertilizing with mineral fertilizers rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus is a constituent of starch in peas. For lighter soils, in autumn, fertilize with potassium fertilizers or wood ash to increase the yield!

This variety of peas has a delightful taste, and also contains a rich range of vitamins, with vitamin C and vitamin K being in the largest quantities. In addition, it also contains dietary fiber, which promotes good metabolism, positive energy, and good health. See more pea seeds and Starozagorski Kamuch leek seeds

Cut/number of seeds: 80 g. garden spring pea variety seeds Onward are available in a package.
Sowing rate: 15 - 24 kg/ha
Sowing period: Pre-winter sow Onward pea seeds are from October 15 to November 15 or before the soil freezes. February 20 - March 15 is the period of spring sowing.
Planting period: Not transplanted. Onward pea seeds are sown directly into the soil.
Cultivation scheme: The autumn (pre-winter) sowing of the seeds should be 6-7 cm, and the spring - 3-5 cm. Remember that the minimum temperature for seed germination is 14 degrees.
Characteristics of the fruit: Plunder is a green pepper, which contains 4 - 10 pcs. green beans. Excellent taste and aroma of the variety.

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