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Seeds of carrots variety Tucson- cylindrical carrots with perfect appearance looks

Seeds of carrots variety Tucson- cylindrical carrots with perfect appearance looks
Seeds of carrots variety Tucson- cylindrical carrots with perfect appearance looks
  • Packing / number of seeds: 5 g (4000 - 5000 seeds per pack), 10 g and 100 g.
  • Sowing rate.
  • Yield.
  • Sowing period.
  • Transplanting period. Sow seeds of carrot variety Tucson directly in the garden or greenhouse.
  • Growingscheme: Leave about 18 - 20 cm between plants.
  • 85 to 90 days.
  • Fruit characteristics: Cylindrical shape, blunt top, deep orange colour. Excellent commercial appearance, very sweet taste, tender and aromatic roots.

We bring to your attention a medium early to late variety of carrot seeds. Known for its cylindrical shape, blunt top, strong orange saturated colour and last but not least very sweet taste. For you, the biggest advantage in this case is that you can safely order these seeds from the garden centre, so you can have delicious and healthy carrots in your garden instead of walking to the market when you need them.

The convenience is that you can consume them at any time just by taking them out of the garden at home. They are most useful fresh, and home-grown carrots are nothing like the supermarket carrots. A good advantage of the Tucson carrot is that it is easily stored, in a cool and sheltered place.

Sowing the seed can be done in late February to mid-March. This is the spring sowing. For winter production, the seed is sown by mid-December. Carrots are not transplanted, but sown directly in a permanent place chosen by you in advance. The depth of the soil in which you place the seeds should be about 2 to 3 cm. Place them 18 to 20 cm apart. The vegetation period of sown plants is 85 to 90 days. During the growth and shaping of the carrots, thinning should be done. Regular watering of the carrots is very important to ensure good conditions. The quality and yield of Tucson carrots depend on it.

Itis a well-known fact that regular intake of carrots implies a healthier and smoother skin, positively affects eyesight and memory. With the content of many vitamins in its composition, Tucson carrots will help to protect your body from harmful substances, stimulate your immune system and ultimately, you will feel fresh and healthy.

One good option for eating Tucson carrots, besides fresh of course, is steamed. This way, they retain their healthy qualities and their taste is exceptional, so you can use them as a side dish or eat them directly. They are very widely used in various diets. A big plus for carrotTouchon is that it is stable over time and storage becomes very easy and convenient.

In order to always have this fresh vegetable, for variety in the menu, for culinary purposes and for a healthy and strong organism, order carrotTouchon seeds right now from the online store

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