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Starozagorski Kamush leek seeds - the gentle, fine and delicate onion aroma

Starozagorski Kamush leek seeds - the gentle, fine and delicate onion aroma
Starozagorski Kamush leek seeds - the gentle, fine and delicate onion aroma

Online for vegetable seeds catalog offers its customers the opportunity to order the Starozagorski Kamush variety of leek seeds online - a traditional Bulgarian improved variety with very good taste qualities and good shelf life.

Starozagorski Kamush is a variety that is highly productive and is grown through seedlings. The plants are shorter and thicker than Starozagorski 72. At the end of March and the beginning of April, the seeds are sown not very deep, then they are watered. The depth when planting the already ready seedlings is about 3 - 4 cm,

Seed germination takes about 20 days, at a temperature of 18-20 0C and with good soil moisture. In the second half of June and the first half of July, it is planted in rows or beds, and the distance between the individual plants should be about 10 cm.

If it is grown in rows, the distance between them should be about 20 cm. The depth of planting the plants is 3-4 cm. It is ready for harvesting in mid-October. It reaches about 70 cm in height, the stem is white and fragile, and has a more delicate and subtle aroma than onions.

It has no special requirements for soil conditions but is sensitive to uneven soil moisture. To improve the yield, we recommend adding a suitable enrichment fertilizer during the main tillage.

The Starazagorski Kamush leek is a vegetable from the Onion family and was previously grown in the region of Chirpan and Stara Zagora, after which it was distributed throughout the country. This vegetable is very popular in Western Europe, where it is considered a more refined version of the onion and is even one of the national symbols of Wales, and naturally, it is quite represented in the local cuisine.

In Bulgaria, in addition to being used as a seasoning for meat specialties such as pusa, it is also often used in the preparation of leek pies, or the so-called onion planter or greengrocer.

You can sow Starozagorski Kamush leek seeds directly in open beds, which is a particular advantage for all gardeners who do not have the opportunity to grow vegetable seedlings in greenhouses. See more seeds of eggplant Black Beauty.

Cut/number of seeds: 2 g (about 500 seeds per leek); 50 g (about 12,500 seeds), 100 g, and 1 kg.
Sowing rate: 300 - 400 g of Starozagorski Kamush leek seeds are sown on an area of one hectare.
Sowing period: month of March.
Planting period: June - July, between 60 - 90 days after sowing the seeds.
Cultivation scheme: The Starozagorski Kamush leek is grown using pre-made seedlings, which are planted in outdoor beds according to the scheme: 60/25+25+25+25/15. The variety, known for its good taste and delicate onion aroma, is suitable for mid-early and late sowing.
Vegetation: 220 - 240 days. Harvest: October - November.

Fruit characteristics: Starozagorski Kamush has a long stem that is thin and tender. It reaches a height of 70 cm. Leek leaves are straight and narrow, long, and mostly light green. It has excellent taste. A suitable variety of leek for fresh consumption and canning.

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