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Eggplant seeds Black Beauty - the world popular variety

Eggplant seeds Black Beauty - the world popular variety
Eggplant seeds Black Beauty - the world popular variety

Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a heat-loving plant from the Potato family (Solanaceae), genus Dogwood (Solanum). Mistakenly called the Blue Tomato, the eggplant is native to India and Sri Lanka. About 500 years ago, it was imported by the Arabs to Europe.

Our variety of eggplant seeds at offers you the opportunity to get acquainted with this world-famous and very popular variety by ordering Black Beauty eggplant seeds.

This variety is moisture- and light-loving and does not like shading. Black Beauty eggplant cultivar seeds are sown in mid-March in greenhouses and germinate in about two weeks provided the temperature is at least around 15 degrees Celsius. At the beginning of May, the plants are planted outdoors, and the fruiting period is from July to October.

Eggplant fruits of the popular variety are oval-shaped with a length of 16-18 cm and a width of 8-10 cm, with an average weight of about 250 g. The distances between rows when planting are recommended to be 80 cm and between individual plants in row 35-40 cm. The stems are slightly branched and can reach up to 1.2 m in height.

The popular worldwide Black Beauty eggplant variety is highly productive and has a growing season of about 125 days. The optimal temperature for plant development is 21-28 degrees Celsius.

Like all plants, the Black Beauty eggplant can be attacked by enemies, the most famous of which is the Colorado potato beetle, but also by aphids and spider mites. Therefore, it is good to inspect the plants and, when diagnosing a similar problem, take the necessary measures related to the removal of the enemies.

Well-ripened Black Beauty fruits have a dark purple sheen and creamy white flesh. The taste of the raw fruit is not particularly pleasant, but when cooked it produces a complex and slightly spicy taste and a thick consistency.

On the basis of eggplant, excellent dishes such as imambayalda, köpoolu, eggplant moussaka, türlüu casserole, French ratatouille, and Greek melitzanosalata are obtained. It is most widely used in Indian cuisine, and in South India, it is even called the King of vegetables. See more Clemson spineless okra seeds in our online catalog for vegetable seeds.

Cut / number of seeds: 1.5g. (about 450 seeds); 50 g (about 1500 seeds)
Sowing rate: 40 - 50 g of Black Beauty eggplant seeds for an area of one hectare.
Harvest: 4 - 4.5 tons per hectare.
Sowing period: January - May (grown by greenhouse-grown seedlings (for mid-early production))
Transplanting period: After about 60 days from sowing (on 4-5 true leaves)
Cultivation scheme: Medium early eggplant variety. which is also suitable for late production. Black Beauty has up to 1.2 m tall, slightly branched stems. Grown by seedlings, without a support structure, for outdoor production. The growing pattern is 70-80/30-40 cm.
Vegetation: Vegetation is about 125 days.
Fruit characteristics: Fruits are oval. The black eggplant reaches a length of 16 - 18 cm and a width of 8 - 10 cm. The average weight of the appetizing and popular eggplant is about 250 g. The color of the fruit is dark violet, with a strong gloss, it is often called black eggplant. Suitable variety for fresh consumption and canning.

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