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Mentha Piperita seeds - Mentha Piperita herb fresh and aromatic

Mentha Piperita seeds - Mentha Piperita herb fresh and aromatic
Mentha Piperita seeds - Mentha Piperita herb fresh and aromatic
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The online catalog for seeds presents to fans of aromatic plants, seeds of Mentha Piperita herb for sowing in the yard or for growing in pots. The seeds are part of a special selection of herbs that are produced in Italy and are available in original packaging. You can place the order quite easily and conveniently through the website platform or by phone.

The varietal seeds of mint are quite small, like other spices. You can help yourself by using your fingers to fix the seeds when opening the package. Before that, however, you will need to prepare the flower boxes or containers where you will sow.

It is good that they are at least 8 centimeters in diameter. Prepare the boxes by first selecting the appropriate soil for sowing. Drained and decontaminated soils are the best option in this case. Fertilize with special fertilizers for herbs.

Sowing is carried out in the following way - you take the prepared containers, either boxes or pots, previously filled with soil. Carefully place a few seeds at a distance of about 30 cm. Cover with a fine layer of soil. Smoothing by hand and pressing is done. You don't need to dig peppermint seeds deep, as they are very fine.

Watering follows, starting with soaking the sown seeds well. It is watered gently so that the seeds are not dug up. The first few days after sowing, the place will have to be watered, and you can use special sprinklers for this purpose. The convenient device will prevent the seeds from being dug up during watering.

Keep an eye on the surface, moldy soil will be a sign that your watering is not correct, too much water can cause the seed to rot and the plants will not sprout.

The Peppermint plant is a highly aromatic herb Mentha Piperita and is used in making tea.

It is a very useful and tasty addition to various dishes, such as meat - chicken, lamb, pork, and vegetable, in the composition of dressings, and in various types of sauces. Mint brings a special freshness to any dish in which it is included.

The flowers of the spice are colored in violet-red color, blooming in summer - July, and August. The stem grows up to 50 centimeters.

When sowing the seeds of the Piperita mint variety, choose a sunny and warm place, and you can also sow in a slightly shady place. The herb is grown as a perennial crop and is hardy on cold days.

When growing Piperita mint at home, you have the option of sowing the seeds all year round. When looking at it in your yard, sow the seeds in April. Then there will be no danger of frost.

The seeds from which you will expect your aromatic spice need several weeks to germinate. As we said, be careful, and water moderately and regularly without overdoing it. See more quality herb seeds.

Cut: 0.5 g.
Flowering: The flowers bloom with a reddish-violet color, blooming from July to August.
Height: Up to 50 centimeters.
Illumination of the field: In direct sun, or in semi-shaded places.
Soil conditions: Drained.
Resistance to low temperatures: Cold resistant.
Longevity: Perennial.
Suitable place: In open spaces or in boxes at home.
Sowing period: Outdoors in April, indoors throughout the year.
Sowing depth: Up to 0.50 centimeters.
Cultivation scheme: Seeds are enough for 3 to 4 flower pots with a diameter of 8 to 10 centimeters. For outdoor sowing, the scheme is 45X30 cm.
Germination period: For several weeks.
Need for watering: Moderate and regular.
Suitable fertilizers: Fertilize with specialized fertilizers for herbs or vegetables

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