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Italian broccoli rabe seeds the temptation Cima di rapa

Italian broccoli rabe seeds the temptation Cima di rapa
Italian broccoli rabe seeds the temptation Cima di rapa
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The Italian broccoli rabe seeds Cima di Rapa, turnip broccoli type are available for online order at the online catalog for quality vegetable seeds Semenata ORG. These extremely interesting exotic vegetables are popular all over the world, especially in Italy. Broccoli rabe seeds are highly valued in Mediterranean cuisine.

The seeds of this interesting vegetable are sown from March to April. It is important to wait for the passing of the last frost date and then sow the seeds outdoors. The distance between the seeds should be 30 by 30 cm. It is important to leave enough space between them in order to avoid thinning in two weeks.

This variety of broccoli rabe does not grow well on acidic soils. It develops well in relatively fertile substrates. Apart from the soil condition, it's good to know that regular watering is necessary for the vegetables to grow well. They form fragile stems with numerous flower buds at the top that remind them of small broccoli. It is clear where the name of this tasty and strange type of plant comes from.

The Broccoli rabe seeds grow in a relatively short time. You can harvest them after about two months. The tips of the plant show when it’s time to harvest them. You should pick only the young ones before the flower buds open. In this way, you also stimulate regrowth.

This type of vegetable is suitable for growing at home. It won't take up much space in your garden. Even better, it grows well in shade as well. The most tender and delicious part of the vegetable is the one like broccoli, the inflorescences. They are torn with the leaves and can be kept for about 10 days in the refrigerator.

Here is a good piece of advice that the Online Catalog Semenata.ORG team gives you:

To be able to get more crops and for a longer period of time, you can sow a few seeds every five days or every week. In this way, you will have fresh and healthy vegetables for longer. Another piece of advice from us: don't freeze the turnip broccoli type. Eat it after harvesting when the taste is the best.

A popular method for its preparation: The best option is to dip the broccoli part of the Cima di Rapa in boiling water for a few minutes. Then you can experiment with the vegetable by combining it with different foods.

Like most vegetables, broccoli rabe is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is an important food for the menu of people on a diet for losing weight. It is widely used in the preparation of various salads and starters. It is often mixed with the products when preparing spaghetti, pizza, and various types of pasta - Italian style.

ATTENTION! Broccoli rabe seeds that are offered are for sowing only and are not edible or edible after germination.

  • Packet/ seeds amount: 12 g broccoli rabe seeds.

  • Sowing rate: -

  • Harvest: Depends on the time of sowing, from July to October.

  • Optimal time for sowing: From May to August.

  • Ideal time for transplanting seedlings: There is no need for growing seedlings. Sow the seeds of broccoli rabe directly in the ground. 

  • Cultivation scheme: They do not grow in acidic soils. They need regular watering.

  • Vegetation: About 60 days.

  • Characteristics of the plant: Thin, fragile stems, form at the top small buds, collected in a dense cluster similar to those of broccoli. These flower buds are a famous Mediterranean delicacy. They are harvested before blooming. They are consumed as an addition to various dishes, giving them a very interesting and specific taste.

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