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Turnip seeds of Purple Top White Globe - spicy and useful

Turnip seeds of Purple Top White Globe - spicy and useful
Turnip seeds of Purple Top White Globe - spicy and useful
  • Model: S011012
  • Packing / number of seeds: 12 g white turnip seeds with purple are available in one pack.
  • Sowing rate.
  • Yield.
  • Sowing period.
  • Sowingperiod: Sown directly on a permanent site.
  • 70/30 cm. In rich soil with good, constant irrigation.
  • 40 to 60 days.
  • Characteristics of the fruit: Large oval-shaped root, white with purple colouring. Very interesting taste - slightly spicy with a strong characteristic aroma.

The next offer from is white turnip seeds with purple. The characteristic feature of this variety is that the root is quite large, oval in shape and the colouring is white with purple. This makes it interesting and intriguing, and its taste is slightly spicy, so lovers of spicier foods love it.

Another big draw for fans of the tasty and juicy turnip is its high essential oil content. Turnips are aromatic and slightly spicy.

Because turnips as a vegetable crop do not like high temperatures and drought, their seeds are sown mostly from mid-July to mid-August. The mineral and vitamin content of purple turnips predisposes the body to a well-functioning metabolism and speeds up the digestive system.

Winter turnip with purple and white is a hardy vegetable. It is stored successfully during frosts. Thus, you get the possibility of the presence of a vegetable in the winter, which is quite important when you need a source of vitamins. Turnips contain valuable substances and, thanks to the time they are grown, you have access to them when vegetables are relatively scarce. To preserve it for the winter, you can put it in sand or divide it with straw.

For an area of one acre, you will need about 0,500 to 0,800 kg of white winter turnip seed.

It is very important when growing this extravagant turnip to consider the soil in which it will grow. The condition is that it is enriched with nutrients and loose. You must ensure that moisture is provided regularly so that the roots do not dry out. Once the young sprouts have emerged, you will need to space them 30 cm apart so that they have the space they need to form. The growing season of purple turnips is 35 to 55 days.

Now, lovers of winter salads that are healthy and tasty will be delighted with the next recipe, the main one of which is white turnips with purple.

What do you need?

One winter white turnip with purple, two or three carrots, a bunch of parsley, a head of celery. For seasoning - apple cider vinegar, preferably naturally prepared, salt and a little 5-6 tablespoons of olive oil.

Here's how to prepare a healthy salad with a pleasant taste and aroma.

Wash the turnips well and grate them in a large bowl on a medium grater. Peel the carrots and grate them on the same grater. Next to be grated is the head of celery, it can be grated finer. Chop the parsley, season with olive oil, salt and vinegar, toss and serve.

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