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Seeds of white turnip, tasty in salad

Seeds of white turnip, tasty in salad
Seeds of white turnip, tasty in salad
  • Model: VSG0076
  • Packet/ seeds amount: 5 g (about 1500  seeds of white winter turnip).

  • Sowing rate: about 2 to 2.5 kg seeds per 1 decar.

  • Harvest: 4 -  5 tons/decar.

  • Optimal time for sowing: Sow the seeds of the white winter turnip in July - August at a depth of 2 - 3 cm.

  • Ideal time for transplanting seedlings: You don’t need to grow seedlings. Sow the seeds of the turnips directly, autumn sowing). Thinning is required.

  • Cultivation scheme: Ideal for growing as a late crop. The variety is suitable for early production. Sow the turnip seeds at a temperature above 3 degrees. It develops best at high humidity and temperatures 14 - 16 degrees Celsius. The sowing scheme is 70/30 cm.

  • Vegetation: 45 to 50 days. The harvesting period is October - November.

  • Characteristics of the plant:  The root crops of the white winter turnip are round or flat-round. They are spherically rounded at the bottom. They have a slightly spicy taste. The fleshy part is very tender and white. The skin is also white and smooth. The white turnip can be stored for a long time.


The white turnip is a vegetable from the Cruciferous family. It has been extremely valuable for the Bulgarian farmers in the past. This vegetable is rich in vitamins and micro elements. We are pleased to offer you the premium seeds of white turnip in our Online Catalog Semenata.ORG.

It is believed that the turnip was cultivated 3000 years ago in Central Asia. There is no information when it was brought to Bulgaria, but a 13th-century fresco in the Boyan church depicts a turnip.

The white winter turnip has a round shape, the skin is white. The flesh is white, dense, tender and juicy. Turnip contains enzymes, mineral salts, vitamins and essential oil. Consume It mostly raw in salads. Don’t heat because the freshy part of the turnup will turn mushy.

Sow the premium seeds of white winter turnip in a place with plenty of sunlight. It is a cold-hardy plant that loves light. The root crops are 10 - 15 cm in diameter, round to flat-round.

Turnips can be stored in a cold place without freezing for a long time. It is consumed the most in winter when the variety of other vegetables is poor. Sow the white turnip seeds directly in rows, without seedlings, from the beginning of July to the end of August. We recommend the row width to be 30 cm. Make a small furrow near the bottom of the row, put the white turnip seeds there to a depth of 2 to 3 cm and cover them with soil.

Do not be late with the sowing, because if the temperatures are low the turnip may shoot which means that it may not form a root crop. The white turnip is a moisture-loving plant. Water it daily until germination. After about five days of germination you can decrease the watering a little.

After two leaves appear you can thin the plants if they are close to one another. The white turnip has a vegetation of about 45 - 50 days. The crop is harvested at the end of October and the beginning of November. You can stop watering 10 - 14 days before harvesting.

After harvesting, clean the white turnips well and store them in ditches or in dry and cool rooms. The temperature for the optimal development of the white turnip is 14-16 degrees Celsius. Combine the optimal temperature with other conditions such as high air humidity and the good harvest is guaranteed.

The white winter turnip is cold-hardy. Cold weather at the end of the vegetation will not interfere with the good development of the plants.

We recommend sowing the seeds of white turnip seeds as a second crop after you harvest potatoes, zucchini, onions and others.

Fertilization is extremely beneficial for this vegetable. Be careful what fertilizer you will use. Do not apply fresh or half-decomposed manure, it may lead to a significant deterioration in the quantity and quality of the crop.


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