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Tomato seeds for production Odyssey F1 - super durable for storage up to 20 days

Tomato seeds for production Odyssey F1 - super durable for storage up to 20 days
Tomato seeds for production Odyssey F1 - super durable for storage up to 20 days
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In the rich catalog for modern garden and home Semenata org we introduce tomato seeds for the production of the Odyssey F1 variety, which has a very long shelf life after peeling, are at the forefront.

This variety grows without height restrictions (indeterminate tomato variety) and is quickly loaded with fruit. It thrives best under proper care outdoors in open agricultural production areas.

Tomatoes of the Odyssey F1 variety belong to the category of early-ripening tomatoes with high yields. This is a variety developed and released on the market in 2010 and has already established itself among domestic and foreign producers.

A big plus for this quality tomato variety is the fact that it has a very strong resistance to many of the most common diseases in most of the other varieties. Among them are such as tobacco mosaic, verticillium, fusarium, and root system fusarium.

Because of this resistance, tomatoes of the Odyssey F1 type are useful and ecologically clean, as there is almost no need to spray them with various chemicals, explain the specialists from the team of the garden center.

Odyssey F1 produces firm fruit with high durability that reaches 14 - 21 days after being picked from the stem. This makes the tomato convenient for storage, transport, and trade, including over long distances.

It is for this reason that tomatoes for production are the object of interest on the part of the canning industry in our country, the commercial store network, the markets and auctions throughout the country, as well as the branches that professionally deal with the import and export of agricultural products.

The Odyssey F1 variety makes wonderful salads and side dishes, with them you can cook many of our own and foreign lean and meat dishes. They also make tomato juices and tomato purees, ketchup, pickles, sauces, canned whole, chopped tomatoes, and peeled and unpeeled tomatoes.

According to the manufacturer Geosemselect, 15 to 20 grams of seed is enough to sow one acre.

It is sown in March and April and transplanted in May-June.

A distance of 80 centimeters is left from row to row, and 40 centimeters from plant to plant inside the row. They are seen on stakes on the single-stem system with 6-8 of the inflorescences.

You can harvest this type of delicious tomato seed from early spring to late fall, with yields ranging from 8 to 9 tons per acre.

Red and round, the long-storage production tomato Odyssey F1 reaches weights of 110 to 130 grams, is tasty, and has a wonderful commercial appearance. See more late tomato seeds in our home and garden catalog.

Cut / number of seeds: 50 pcs. tomato seeds for production with long storage Odyssey are available in one package but are also available in cuts of 250 pcs. seeds, 1000 pcs. seeds and 2500 pcs. seeds.
Sowing rate: From 15 to 20 grams per acre, but only when preparing seedlings in seedling buckets or work pots.
Yield: From 8 to 9 tons per hectare.
Sowing period: In March and April.
Planting period: In May and June.
Cultivation scheme: 80/40 cm. Odysseus F1 is grown in stakes, single-stemmed, and the manufacturer recommends leaving 6 - 8 inflorescences, on which 8 - 10 flowers are formed on average. The variety is suitable for field production outdoors.
Fruit characteristics: Odyssey F1 forms medium-sized fruits (120 - 130 g), round, smooth, with a bright intense red color. The variety is valued for its great taste and high dry matter content. The main advantage of the fruit is its long shelf life - about 2 - 3 weeks after picking it in a ripe state. This makes it perfect for production for export or to supply a chain of hypermarkets. 

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